Saturday, February 02, 2013


Meet at Fort Santiago Ticket Booth

Php1100.00 adults
Php600.00 student
Meet at Fort Santiago Ticket Booth

Pay what you wishSuggested: Php200.00


In February of 1945, Filipinos suffered their greatest loss in the Battle of Manila. The people of Ermita and Malate were massacred, Intramuros’ seven churches were pummelled to dust, and Manila as a city took a turn of which it really never recovered. The beautiful City of Manila was on it’s knees and its memory forgotten by it’s own people.

To commemorate the Battle of Manila, Intramuros Administration and Carlos Celdran have been mounting a special event since 2009 called Manila Transitio 1945 within the historical grounds of Fort Santiago inside Intramuros. A combination of history, art, and culture, this event hopes to become an annual commemoration/memorial where we as ManileƱos may reflect upon the passing of this event in our history. A way for us to remind future generations that there once was a beautiful Manila and there’s a beautiful Manila that can be redeemed again.

This year, our 6th Manila Transitio 1945 will fall on March 1, 2015 Sunday in the gardens of Fort Santiago.

The day will start with a 3:00pm tour of Intramuros by Carlos Celdran. The tour will end by 5:30pm at San Agustin Church.

At 6:00pm, the event proper starts with art installations, visuals, and music.

Quiapo Candle Vendors will sell candles and Maguindanao shaman Faisal will do a Maguindanao cleansing ritual to pay respect to those who passed in 1945 and to bring attention to the plight of our fellow Filipinos in Maguindanao.

Music will be provided by Noli Aurillo and the Mabuhay Singers.

Wine by Ralph's will be for sale. If you don't have a picnic with you, XO1946 will be selling pica-pica and tapas.

Bring a picnic basket, honour Intramuros' memory and destruction back in 1945, and bask in Manila's glory under the stars.

Hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

Is there a discount for foreign students too? How do we reserve and pay for it? Thanks! There's a mobile number posted on your page but can't get a reply from it.

Asst.Lesley said...

Yes we can provide you with the students worries..

rhodora said...

I'm going with my daughter and her friend!

Ivan Maminta said...

emailed for reservation for two. Looking forward to it. :)

Rod said...

My grandaunt, Socorro Ungson, was one of the victims of the Battle for Manila. She was hit by a shrapnel on Feb. 10, 1945 in Paco and bled to death. On Sept. 26, 2009, her scrapbooks containing her photos were all destroyed by Ondoy's flood waters. All memories of her are now gone. :(

Anonymous said...

About what time does the spirit lantern release usually start? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Is there an underage limit?

Robert Tomas said...

My Lolo, 1st Lt. Ricardo G. Tomas was part of the team who tried to retake MalacaƱang from the Japanese in 1944 where he was wounded with gunshot at the back.

He survived, and received a promotion as 1st Lt. as an Irregular troop in Markings Guerillas.

He fought for Manila... and I am proud his blood flows in my veins. Para kay Lolo Karding, I'll be there tomorrow. =)

nigameash said...

I would love to visit and take guided tours of Philippines