Monday, December 08, 2014



Ho. Ho. Ho! The holidays are here!

Wanna give a gift that's not only personalized but personally done by yours truly? Give the gift of humor and history at Php100 off the usual price! An Intramuros Tour for only Php1000.00 - It's cheaper than the listed price!

Aaaand. Not only that, the recipient of your gift will also receive a quirky photo of a handwritten "Merry Christmas" from yours truly like the one you see above! (Names of course, may differ).

So give your friends and family an Intramuros tour for the holiday season.

It's a wonderfully thoughtful yet effortless choice.

Deal period is on until December 16, 2014

Tickets can be used immediately.
No limit to the number of tickets per buyer.
No expiration date.

Intramuros Tour:
Php1000.00 per person.


1) Deposit money into:
Bank of the Philippine Islands Malate
0170 0010 87

2) Show me proof of deposit (jpeg, scan, proof of deposit)

3) Email me the following information:

Subject: Ho ho ho

Name of giver: Efren Batungbakal (you)
Name of recipient: Gueneviere Puluypuy (recipient)
Email address of recipient:
Number of tickets: Three (3) Intramuros tours)

Contact details where I should send your receipt:

4) Your friend/family will then receive a personalized greeting from me (like the .jpeg above) in their email inbox.

5) Your friend/family simply brings the printout of my photo as the "ticket".

And best of all, no expiration date. They can bring it to any tour at any time.

Ho ho hope to hear from you guys soon!


Val said...

Are there still tickets left? is there a deadline? *praying for a miracle*

carlosceldran said...

Yes. There are lots... I look forward to your reservation and deposit slip jpeg if you decide. :o)

Edwin H said...

Hi Carlos. I've done your Intramuros tour twice already so can this be applied to your Imelda tour instead? please?

patintera said...

My young cousin who lives in Pasig told me this afternoon that he wants to go to Intramuros to see if you're around and "pakalat kalat". The kid just wants to see you in the flesh. Haha! This just might be the gift for him.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Carlos. Tempted to avail of your hohoho offer and bring the whole family to your tour (myself, husband, and two kids, 19 and 9 years old). How much for my 9 year old? Student rate or maybe free na lang (please)? My 19 year old is currently in Ambeth's history class so this is the best time for us to go. BTW, no tour on Jan 16 or 17? Thinking of doing Intramuros on the weekend of Pope Francis' visit, para 1 trip to Manila na lang. From Ruby (