Saturday, January 05, 2008


A shout out to Irwin Cruz of Smile, the magazine of Cebu Pacific, one of the smartest inflight magazines that I've seen around. And although there was a wee mistake (I wasn't the director of the Heritage Conservation Society, I was just the assistant to the director), I'm really grateful that Irwin really "got" my objectives. He figured out that my tours really aren't just "tours" at all, but something more personal and political for me; that these tours matter more to me than just "promoting" tourism and putting money in the hat. 

Many thanks, man.

Read the article along with features on both Ilac Diaz and Gang Badoy here.


Lynn said...

i wonder what ms. araneta will say about your being a "director of hcs" :D said... » Manila Manila!
[…]Carlos Celdran describes himself as "Just a regular fellow trying to change the way you see the city of Manila one step at a time."[…]

Anna M. Rosete said...

Proud of you, Carlos! Happy 2008!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carlos,
This is Irwin.
Sorry about the misfact.

Anonymous said...

And to Ms Araneta as well.

carlosceldran said...

It's no big deal. :o) It's only a small glitch. I'm sure Gemma won't make drama about it either.

Still a great article Irwin.

Thanks man!

JP said...

i got a copy of the smile magazine (ssshhh). 1 and a half hour (forth) and another 1 and a half hour (back) of my flight last December wasn't enough for me to finish the whole magazine so i stole, este, secured a copy. hehehe.

and i just could blame two people. Celdran and Diaz. on celdran, i've been following your blog to take a peek of what can be toured if i'm in manila. til i saw myself becoming a fan. when i get to see you around, i'll have the mag signed by you. lol. on diaz, i was intrigued with the earth school project he initiated in our town. and made me revisit the place and see for myself how it looked like.

the mag is very useful.