Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today, while on my way to the shooting of an-as-of-now-undisclosed product endorsement in the Batangas area, I received a really great text from one of my peeps over at the Reproductive Health Advocacy Network. Apparently, this March 3, Tuesday, at 3:00PM, Reproductive Health Bill HB5043 will be introduced to Philippine Senate for the first time ever! And with the backing of Senator Biazon no less. Things are moving really fast. Let's hope the momentum keeps! Happy Advanced International Women's Day, everyone!

But on a more somber note. Au Revoir! to the location of many happy 1970's memories with my grandfather and cousins. The chunky Locsin Magnolia Dairy plant (now Nestle), where I once scarfed down Merry Widows and Strawberry Parfaits, is going to be torn down by Robinson's Land Corporation for a - gasp! Gated Community. Jeez, Really, like Manila needs another one. I can only hope that the Gokongwei family does a good job in making the architecture of this new development enhance or improve the area. But judging by the "designed-by-a-team-of-chimpanzees" monstrosities that are Robinson's Galleria, Robinson's Place Malate, and Robinson's Pioneer/Cybergate, I wouldn't place good money on it.

Monday, February 23, 2009


This was sent to me in the mail. Gosh. If there was just a way that I could sabotage this. If I was really evil, I would pelt these asses with eggs and throw wet towels from windows as they FRICKING CREATE TRAFFIC ON A FRIDAY MORNING ON PAYDAY IN ORTIGAS!!! Gee. Blocking roads is not a good way to get supporters, guys. Really, God save these retards from being run over by the 70% of the nation who disagree with them.

Subject: JERICHO MARCH FOR LIFE - Friday, February 27, 2009, Ortigas

Greetings of Christ's love and peace!
February is Pro-life Month. In connection with this, Pro-life Philippines will celebrate Respect and Care for Life Week by holding a series of activities for the whole month. In our effort to continue saving lives and the family from the evils of contraception and abortion, we will conduct an activity called "Jericho March for Life" on February 27, 2009 at 8:00 am. We shall go on a prayer rally to manifest our love for a truly pro-life and pro-family society, and as a peaceful way to appeal for a stop to the promotion and distribution of contraceptives. We know the physical, social and moral ills that contraception brings to any society – hence, this will be one of our efforts to keep the same ills from destroying our society.

I am inviting you, your families and other loved ones to join us at the Jericho March for Life. Assembly is at St. Francis Church beside Shangri-la Plaza mall at 8:00am, with a short message at 9:00 to send us off on the prayer rally at 9:15. Holy Mass will be celebrated at St. Francis Church after the event at 11:00.

I look forward to your presence as we all stand up for life and the family!

Respectfully yours,
Exec. Director, Pro-Life Philippines


Program of Activities - Assembly: St. Francis Church, Mandaluyong
8:00 am Registration of participants
9:00 am Short talk about the activity
9:15 am Start of March for Life
10:00 am End destination: Millennium Place, Meralco Ave. near Julia Vargas, then back to St. Francis Church
11:00 am Eucharistic Celebration – St. Francis Church

From St. Francis Church, right on Lourdes St., then left on San Miguel Ave. then straight along ADB Ave.
Turn to Opal Rd. Make a left U-turn from Ruby to Garnet Rd., then left on Onyx Rd., right on Meralco Ave, stop at Millennium Place.
Afterwards, turn right on along Julia Vargas Ave., walk straight along bank drive. From Bank Drive make left turn going back to St. Francis Church. You can park your car or vehicle at Megamall or Shangri-la mall parking lot/parking bldg.

Participants are urged to bring:
Candles and Rosary
Banners of Schools/Parishes/ Organizations
Placards bearing pro-life slogans. Make them big enough to be seen. Make sure that placards will not use offensive words.
In the spirit of solidarity, bring your own baon ( including water ). And please bring extra snacks and water for anybody who needs. Most especially for our brothers and sisters from the poor pro-life communities who expressed their commitment to join and will send big delegations.

Who are invited:
Young people, families, urban poor groups, parish organizations, ordinary parishioners, teachers, lawyers, doctors, clergy, religious and all well-meaning citizens who are committed to the promotion and defense of human life. Make them first be aware of the significance of what we will be doing. Thank you!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Coolness! I just read the headlines of the Inquirer today. It seems that the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines "walked" out of Philippine Senate and REFUSE to take part in any further talks regarding Reproductive Health Bill 5043. They say that the lawmakers had no intentions of ever taking into account what they had to say, so why should they even bother participating. Oh my gosh. What a bunch of brats.

Well. GOOD! The CBCP is finally learning it's place. They never should have had a say regarding this issue to begin with!

So all I can say here is this: "Yo! Bishops. Don't let the door hit your asses on the way out, Ok?You should really start concentrating on other more important things like saving souls, teaching morals, feeding people, weaning yourselves off allowances made through gambling (PAGCOR), and restoring your crumbling heritage churches. Those issues alone should keep you busy for years.  You priests should really stop meddling in things you know nothing about: Like SEX."

Sound bite by Senator Biazon:
“This is an affair of the State. The State must respond to the needs of the people,” he said. “If the teachings of the Church are against the use of modern artificial contraception, the Church should touch base with their flock. They should go to the pulpit, and teach. I hope they’re fair when they do this.”

Fair? Ha. I doubt it. So let's stay vigilant, y'all. We are one step closer to having the bill passed. 

It's been a good weekend.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well, whaddaya know?  I am on BBC.  They just aired "Sex and Religion in Manila" on their show, "Explore" and it seems that I am the opening act. Cool. It was done a few months ago. I think it's cool how their host, Seyi Rhodes, pronounces my name as "Keldran" instead of "Seldran" and it seems that I had a bit of a pot belly back then. Hmm. Note to self. More sit-ups. Part one above.

But I digress. Anyhoo, I'm really thrilled that RH Bill 5043 is finally reaching international attention. I was afraid that our campaign might lose steam but this feature has given our movement confidence and the strength to forge on until EVENTUAL victory. But even if we are making leeway, on a personal level, I'm totally frustrated about the many delays hindering the bill's immediate passage. Hmph! It seems that BBC thinks our population explosion and lack of women's health services are reaching catastrophic proportions, but Philippine Congress does not. It's really enough to make you heave. Part two above.

So watch this special, get angry and prepare to spit on the face of any politician who is stupid, myopic, and selfish enough to oppose the RH Bill. Part three above.

That's all for now. See you all at Transitio Manila 1945 on March 7 at 9:00pm. Cheers.


Oh my god. Moymoypalaboy, the same guys who brought us the brilliant Volare, now bring us the theme song from the hit Mexican Telenovela, "Marimar". I almost snorted my morning coffee out through my nose. Move over Charice Pepengco, Ellen and Oprah should have these guys as guests. Please note mother figure in the rear cooking dinner.

And while we are on the topic of Filipino dinners, apparently, male model, adobo lover and Filipino enthusiast Travis Kraft has a new DVD out.  Check out his hilarious "American Adobow" video here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The Social Weather Stations (SWS) conducted a study on December 27-28, 2009 among 600 men and women of reproductive age in six Districts of Manila. The study entitled "SWS December 2008 Special Omnibus Survey on General Health in Manila (MLA 12-08)" sighted that the top 10 major problems in Manila are unemployment, illegal drugs, robbery/hold-ups, poverty, garbage disposal, corruption/public morality, high prices of things to buy, transportation/traffic, housing problems, and disasters, whereas 50% of the respondents considered their state of health as fair. But majority of Manila residents (95%) say that the City of Manila health centers should further improve its services. The survey also revealed that 88% agree that Manila should have a policy on reproductive health (RH) while 86% say that there should be a national law on RH.

To find out more about this latest survey by SWS, the Forum for Family Planning and Development Inc., (The FORUM) invites you to join us for a PRESS CONFERENCE on February 18, 2009 at Annabel's Restaurant, Tomas Morato in Quezon City from 10am to 12 noon.

Hope to see you there.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Let me introduce the new advertising campaign to push the passing of The Reproductive Health Bill (HB5043). This ad, full of statistics and real testimonials is our "pambato" against all the lies and pseudo science that the Couples for Christ folk et al have been stuffing down our throats.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


1 Giant Leap Project:
"What About Me?" - Exclusive Screening
Feb 13, '09 7:00PM
Mogawai Cinematheque
Unit 62&63 Cubao Expo, Gen Romulo Ave.
Ticketprice: 150 pesos (drinks and snacks included)

Following the success of their first double Grammy nominated film & album, "What About Me?" is the latest offering from 1 Giant Leap. This visionary project took Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman to over 50 locations as they explore through music, the complexities of human nature on a global scale, and aims to reveal how we are all connected through our creativity and beliefs, but most of all through our madness. Covering universal topics such as God, Sex, Death and Money, What About Me? features an incredibly diverse collection of collaborators from Noam Chomsky to Will Young, Maxi Jazz to Tim Robbins, Billy Connolly to Michael Stipe, Eckhart Tolle to Baaba Mal, among many others. So head on out to Cubao Expo, take your friends, have a drink, throw yourself on the cushions, relax and enjoy 90 minutes of amazing images, music and thought provoking revelations.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It looks like the lunar year of the Earth Ox going up in flames and it hasn't even begun yet. A fire in China, a fire in Korea, and a fire in Australia. All in the same week. I see a trend. Wonder if this is an omen for something... Photo above: North Tower of CCTV (The unopened Mandarin Oriental Beijing). Thank you Ai De Ke for the photo.

Monday, February 09, 2009


WILD. I got a lead from my father that a cousin of mine was on YouTube. Apparently, my father's half brother, Ignacio, moved from Oroquieta, Misamis Oriental to the U.S. in 1929. His son, Enrique, grew up there and is now known as the "Karaoke Cab Driver" of Washington D.C.. Watch "Fares with Flair: The Karaoke Cabbie", a production by The Washington Times.

I knew it. Being a ham is totally genetic. I wonder if I'll look like him when I get older.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Over a month ago, staunch idiot Rep. Roilo Golez, had the gall to "friend" me on Facebook. After accepting his request, of course, I wrote about what a myopic jerk he is on his wall. He quickly replied "Carlos. I thought Facebook was only for proper discussions." and immediately "unfriended" me and blocked my profile. 

And now, The Reproductive Health Advocacy Network sends me this.  Of course, Rep. Golez, being ever the black hearted lawyer that he is, has resorted to delay tactics to hinder the immediate passage of this bill.  Meanwhile, mothers and children die everyday with no hope of large scale relief in site - thanks to this man.

But remember, we still HAVE the numbers, but thanks to a few jerks, the prize won't be coming for a while.  Earliest passage is APRIL unless we find creative ways to convince Congress to hurry the F*** up.

Please read:

Dear co-RH advocates.

Thank you very much for supporting the online petition calling for the immediate passage of the Reproductive Health (RH) bill by Congress. It is now 2009 and the advocacy for the bill has become more urgent.

There is good news and bad news.

The good news are: the RH Bill remains a priority of the House of Representatives (HOR) leadership and the bill's principal author, Rep. Edcel Lagman; and, to date, not one of the 113 co-authors has backed out despite the very strong campaign against the bill.

The HOR resumed its plenary debate last 27 January 2009. This comes at the heels of the latest surveys separately conducted by the Social Weather Station (SWS) and Pulse Asia which found that the big majority of Filipinos favor the passage of the RH Bill.

The bad news is that anti-RH legislators continue with their delaying tactics and dirty tricks. Of the listed 22 interpellators, only one has finished and the second, Rep. Golez of ParaƱaque City seems hell-bent on delaying the proceedings some more by resorting to insulting not only the principal author but also the advocates and misrepresenting data he claimed to have come from the Department of Health (DOH) and the National Statistics Office (NSO) which were flatly and officially denied by the two offices.

These tactics are at the expense of the people's money (about P12.5 million representing the HOR's daily budget) wasted on Representatives who refuse to listen to the people's will and women's lives as 11 Filipino women die daily due to pregnancy and childbirth-related complications. It may sound dramatic but now, more than ever, we need to band together and increase the pressure on our legislators. Enough is enough!

The following are the things we can do together:

1) Write to your Congress representative about the urgency of passing and your support for the RH Bill.

2) Write a Letter to the Editor about your stand and support of the RH Bill and send it to your favorite broadsheet daily.

3) Join us as we monitor the proceedings at the HOR.

4) Invite more people to sign our online petition. 

5) Wear your sentiments on your sleeve or your car, as the case may be. RHAN produced spiffy pro-RH stickers and pins. You may get one from the RHAN Secretariat. Call 927-1766 from 9 am to 6 pm. (I'll be getting a few of these soon and will be giving them out).

Let us not be defeated by those who refuse to hear our voices. Please pass this to as many friends, colleagues, and family members who can support our cause.

Thank you very much and looking forward to your active involvement.

Elizabeth Angsioco
Reproductive Health Advocacy Network (RHAN)

Friday, February 06, 2009


I was asked by Rene Gatlo and Dr. Cuanang of Sitio Remedios to make a statement regarding the lastest controversy hounding the City of Laoag today. Apparently, culturally challenged Pure Gold Mall owner Lucio Co (along withe the blessings of Laoag government and the local Catholic Hierarchy) will be destroying the American-era Laoag Elementary School near the town plaza to erect one of Co's hideous Dark Green box type malls.

Apparently, Ilocos Governor Mike Keon and a few concerned Ilocos citizens are up in arms and are desperately pleading with the town council to pass a heritage ordinance so that demolition can be delayed and the project given further study. Rene will present to the council my short message illuminating how heritage can be a source of income and how heritage can actually be profitable for all - and not just for a few.


Please consider this letter as an appeal to rethink your approach towards the project being done at the Laoag Central Elementary School. Not only are you destroying an irreplaceable heritage structure and scarring the beautiful Laoag urban landscape, but you are also destroying a great income generating tourism/commercial opportunity.

As a tour guide of Intramuros for the last six years, I can tell you first hand about the benefits one can gain from heritage sites and structures. Using only the history of Intramuros as my script, and the structures of Intramuros as my stage, I have been able to build a personal business that not only pays taxes, but also provides livelihood for others. My tours provide/complement the employment of kalesa drivers, taxi drivers, restaurateurs, museums, retail establishments, and fellow tour guides. And the driving force for why thousands of tourists - and publications like Time Magazine, Travel and Leisure, and Vogue Espana - flock to my tours in Intramuros is precisely because of Intramuros' historical value and heritage structures.

Now, I do understand that there is a need for income to be generated and employment created, but there are more sustainable and creative ways to do this than by obliterating a valuable cultural icon. By taking pride in one's culture, everyone benefits and a society gains respect. Replacing Laoag Central Elementary School with a mall will only benefit - well, the mall owner at the end of the day. Simultaneously, it also projects the image that Laoag citizens have no respect for their culture - and ultimately, no respect for themselves.

Please rethink what you are doing. There are more ways to gain employment and generate income than by sacrificing the Laoag Central Elementary School.


Now, I totally doubt they would give a half rat's ass about what my opinion is, but at least I tried.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Thank you, Jayme Wong for the great photos from last weekend's Corregidor Overnight Tour. I especially like the MacArthur photograph. Hope to see all of you guys out there on my next Corregidor trip on the 28th of February. Check out the details here.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


In February of 1945, the City of Manila was completely destroyed in a battle between the United States Armed Forces and the Japanese Imperial Army. An estimated 120,000 people were lost and the City of Manila was never the same again.

So join The Museum of the Filipino People, John Silva, Intramuros Administration, Repertory Philippines, Manila Memorare Foundation, and myself in a series of events that pay tribute to this colossally unsung moment in our history.
FEB. 6, 7, 8, 2009 - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

3:30pm matinees or 8:00pm evening shows
Php 550.00, Php350.00, Php250.00
87-0710 or 891-9999
Set in pre-war Manila, "Portrait" is a story of two spinster sisters who still reside in their aging artist father's Intramuros home in the days before liberation. It is a powerful play on the emotional nuances and complexity of a society on the verge of transition. Read PEP feature here.
FEBRUARY 4, 7, 11, 14, 18, 21, 25 MARCH 4, 7, 25, 26, 2009 - Wednesdays and Saturdays
10:00am to 1:00pm
Php800.00 adults, Php600.00 children
5272082 or 9267299029
Join Museum of the Filipino People's director, John Silva on a three hour tour of the stunning tour of the American Colonial-Era Finance Building (today our National Museum), and breeze through 40,000 years worth of Philippine artifacts. A special focus will be given on pieces in the collection which relate to the Liberation of Manila.
FEBRUARY 18, 2009 - Wednesday 8:30am

A group of Filipino survivors of the Liberation, along with representatives of the Japanese Embassy and American Embassy will lay a wreath at the Manila Memorare monument on Gen. Real Street in Intramuros. The opening of an exhibit of rare photographs of the Battle of Manila from the collection of Rico Jose will follow. The event will be capped by Intramuros Administration's announcement of a design competition for a monument to the guerilla and civilian victims to be erected inside the Fort Santiago (sculptors, architects, and artists TAKE NOTE).
MARCH 7, 2009 - Saturday
7:00pm Meet at Manila Cathedral

Multi media artist Tad Ermitano, dancer/choreographer Donna Miranda, poet Mabi David, musicians Malek Lopez, Caliph8, curator/artist Ringo Bunoan, and I will pay tribute to the City of Manila. Through an evening of touring, music, video, performance, poetry and dance, we shall at once commemorate and celebrate the City of Manila that was - and the City of Manila that will be.

The evening will end with the release of 120 spirit balloons into the night sky.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Yup. Through facebook and some photos on this blog, some of you out there noticed. So, fine. just to dispel doubt and because of contractual obligation, I am going to address the topic. Yes, just like Oprah, I fell off the fricking wagon. Thanks to holiday and grief/stress eating, I have once again returned to 178 pounds (above) from a low of 165 (below) pounds last September. I'm telling you, two deaths of close friends over a season of ubiquitous ham and beer is not a good combination. But that's cool. I've woken up from the stupor, banished ham from my eyesight, bought a wheatgrass machine, and am getting back on the ball right now. First, it's back to Santre then off to think of creative ways to get healthy again. I have to do this because, unfortunately, as a way of saving money this year, I dropped my gym membership at the Manila Peninsula. Any ideas out there how to get fit?

I mean, aside from walking.

Monday, February 02, 2009


CONGRATULATIONS to the final fifty applicants who passed the written exam for Mabuhay Guides!

Next phase: the Interview!

The following applicants will be interviewed on February 3:
Fernandez, Yael
Velasco, John Jeffrey
Palomares, Cenon
Feliciano, Maricel
Dar, Roma Ann
Tayag, Luisito
Dadap, Dasig
Que, Enrenita Gracia
Tugade, Charisse
Lacerna, Ingrid Marie
Crisologo, Jonalyn
Camus, Bernadette
Maldo, Sheryl
Co, Joy Christine
Yglopaz, Anna Marie
Carlos, Therese
Maristany, Dennis Geronimo
Ocampo, Mark Bryan
Parado, Paul
Talens, Leo
Go, Veronica
Gabriel, Leilani Pilar
Ramos, Melissa Joy
Aranda, Helen Grace
Almoite, Ma. Lourdes
Bernardez, Eloisa

Interviewees for Thursday, February 5.
Quinones, Abigail
Gatdula, Ljubomir
Pampliega, Jordan Israel
Dayco, Cynthia
Dela Cruz, Inocencio
Bustarga, Corina
Galvelo, Maria Morena
Mangagampat, Camille Andrea
Balbastro, Sandra Rhea
Ancheta, Dustin Arnold
Ramos, Paolo Jose
Roxas Jr., Fortunato
De Jesus, Jasper John
Fernandez, Irene Salud
Huelgas, Mary Grace
Ciudadano, James Mark
Man Dy, Ivan Homer
Gador, Ronnie
Jose, Raiza Camille
Cobia, Candy
Sy, Wilbert
Reynoso, Ma. Lourdes
Gaza, Maria Gracia
Almanza, Josefina

All interviews will start promptly at 2:00PM through 5:00PM. All applicants must be there at 1:00PM and proceed to the Auditorium, 4/F Department of Tourism Bldg., T.M.Kalaw Street, Manila.

Good luck y'all! Hope to see the best of you at the final demo at the end of the month!

Sunday, February 01, 2009


OK. Now that I got your attention, allow me to announce that once again, St. Joseph's Parish of Las Pinas will heat up their fantastic Bamboo Organ for the 34th time. And I certainly know for a fact that tons of folks out there have never seen this organ in action, so don't miss out on it this time.

February 19 (Thursday) - GALA will be highlighted by Haydn's Great Organ Mass in E-flat Major and Mendelssohn's Motet.
February 20 (Friday) - repeat of GALA
February 21 (Saturday) - will be the traditional outdoor pop performance, CONCERT UNDER THE TREES
February 22 (Sunday) - AN EVENING OF ORGAN MUSIC and will feature a guest Austrian organist.
February 24 (Tuesday) - A night devoted to the celebration of 60 years of Korean-Philippine Friendship and Cooperation.
February 25 (Wednesday) - FIESTA MUSIKA night entitled "PAGPUPUGAY" giving tribute to some of the National Artist for Music like Dean Lucresia Kasilag and Maestro Lucio San Pedro and other Filipino Composers.
February 26 (Thursday) and February 27 (Friday) - the festival ends with a two-night performance of Handel's Laudate Pueri and organ concerto with ALLELUIA and Mozart's Exultate Jubilate.

Thursday, February 19, 2009 at 7:00pm until
Friday, February 27, 2009 at 10:00pm
St. Joseph Parish Church
P. Diego Cera Avenue, Poblacion
Las Pinas City

Thanks cealwyn for the flickr photo!