Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today, while on my way to the shooting of an-as-of-now-undisclosed product endorsement in the Batangas area, I received a really great text from one of my peeps over at the Reproductive Health Advocacy Network. Apparently, this March 3, Tuesday, at 3:00PM, Reproductive Health Bill HB5043 will be introduced to Philippine Senate for the first time ever! And with the backing of Senator Biazon no less. Things are moving really fast. Let's hope the momentum keeps! Happy Advanced International Women's Day, everyone!

But on a more somber note. Au Revoir! to the location of many happy 1970's memories with my grandfather and cousins. The chunky Locsin Magnolia Dairy plant (now Nestle), where I once scarfed down Merry Widows and Strawberry Parfaits, is going to be torn down by Robinson's Land Corporation for a - gasp! Gated Community. Jeez, Really, like Manila needs another one. I can only hope that the Gokongwei family does a good job in making the architecture of this new development enhance or improve the area. But judging by the "designed-by-a-team-of-chimpanzees" monstrosities that are Robinson's Galleria, Robinson's Place Malate, and Robinson's Pioneer/Cybergate, I wouldn't place good money on it.