Tuesday, March 03, 2009




In February of 1945, the City of Manila was completely destroyed in a battle between the United States Armed Forces and the Japanese Imperial Army. An estimated 120,000 people were lost and our beloved City of Manila was never the same again.

Join Intramuros Administration, Carlos Celdran and multi media artists Tad Ermitano, Donna Miranda, Mabi David, Kawayan de Guia, Malek Lopez, Caliph8, Ringo Bunoan, and several other artists as they celebrate Manila - the city that was and the Manila that will be.

It will be an evening of performances, music, vintage photographs and films, video art, installations, open mic, food, drink, poetry and dance within different sections of The Fort Santiago. Guest readings will be performed by Roselyn Perez, Peter Serrano, Jake Macapagal, Jamie Wilson, Aida Santos, Bambi Diaz, Janna Abrera and Mrs. Lourdes Montinola.

Flamenco music provided by Yerbaguena. Murals and visuals at the corner of Anda Street and Arzobispo provided by Pilipinas Street Project.  Thank you Filipinas Heritage Library for access to the Memorare 1945 Photo archives.

The symbolic release of 120 illuminated spirit lanterns into the night sky by the gates of Fort Santiago will cap the evening.

Reasonably priced Food and Drink (a lovely buffet and beer) will be sold in Fort Santiago before the event. Or bring your own bottle of wine/picnic and BANIGS/Floor mats. It will be lovely night to enjoy the gardens of Fort Santiago with friends and reaquaint ourselves with the ever loyal and noble city of Manila.

Be sure to clean up any mess you may leave behind and BRING FLASHLIGHTS!

This multi-media event is FREE!

Keep posted to this page for updates on this event.