Thursday, March 19, 2009


Just a month ago, I was asked by Cebu Pacific's Smile Magazine about the most romantic places in the Philippines. Without hesitation, I replied The Sofitel Philippine Plaza (above). Specifically, it had to be one of their corner suites overlooking Manila Bay.
And lo and behold, a month later, on my wife's birthday/our ninth wedding anniversary, The Sofitel gifts us with exactly that. A corner suite overlooking Manila Bay. Gee. I wonder if they took a hint.
It was totally mind-bogglingly luxe. We almost felt guilty about it. Just almost. And along with the little artsy/twee/although slightly/amusingly 'cute' details such as what you see above, they also gave us all the bells and whistles that the Sofitel has to offer.  
They gave us an 80 square meter suite with a 180 degree view of the bay. Waiting for us upon arrival was a huge soft bed, a bottle of wine, a cheese platter, a bowl of fresh fruit, and an ENTIRE chocolate cake. We were also given midnight massages at Le Spa (complete with piped in classical music), and access to free booze and snacks at the Club Lounge on the tenth floor.
Our room also had a dvd player, personalized stationery, and an I-pod filled with hip lounge music mixed by Sofitel itself. Our weekend had it's own soundtrack. I like Sofitel Down Mix. Way waaaay cool.  They should sell copies of it in their gift shop.
And of course, the view overlooking Corregidor, Manila, and Bataan. As we sat watching the sun go down, herons would fly by and bancas and sailboats would sail across. Sickeningly beautiful. No wonder it's my favorite spot in all of the Philippines.  See you again next year, Sofitel.