Thursday, March 26, 2009


Yesterday morning, I got a call from the Kabayan Action Group Intramuros Chapter, a non-government organization affiliated with the Philippine National Police. Their Chairman, "Dong" Humawan told me to immediately come into their office. Important matters apparently. Admittedly, I was a little freaked out. Did I do anything wrong? Was I under surveillance and busted for something or another? Either way, with my heart up in my throat, I ended up making my way to their office at the Parian gate and they gave me...a plaque.

Apparently, for my efforts in providing contraceptives and facilitating ligations for informal settlers in Intramuros, they thought that I was deserving of a "Certificate of Appreciation." I was floored. That was way too sweet. Aw. For a bunch of intimidating looking cops and tanods, these teddy bears really have a heart of gold deep inside. They even had it framed.

The plaque read: Mr. Carlos serving as an example and epitome to the renewed image of the DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM, in bringing, closer to the hearts of the people. And he is a model of all masses and kindhearted of whole Filipino poor people." And although I am not from the Dept. of Tourism and suspect that the copy was done through a translation website somewhere, it's intentions were clear. Kabayan Action Group rocks. I am humbled. And I am glad that I wasn't in trouble for anything.

From left: Johnny Olarte, Jose "Dong" Humawan, me, John "Pipoy" Jimenea, Reynaldo Casalita, and Jesus Nalla.