Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Yo Universe. It's me, Carlos. I want this house. Pretty pretty please?

Walking around Intramuros, I stumbled upon a beautiful 150 ++ square meter house. Done in the 90's but in accordance to Intramuros Administration's rules of having to look "historical", it is located on the corner of Arzobispo and Anda streets just a block away from San Agustin Church.

I don't know why but I really really want this house. I can see it as a little bed and breakfast with an awesome cafe and tapas bar on the ground floor. And it's RIGHT next to the former Ateneo de Manila ruins. The house is just begging to become an attraction in Intramuros with the right amount of renovations and promotions.

Sadly, it costs a little under 8 million pesos and well, I just don't have that kind of money in my life at all. Sigh.

So Universe, help me make this happen. Ommmm.

Monday, September 20, 2010


I am a firm believer in the Filipino. Despite the many challenges facing Philippine society and it's values, I truly believe that our moral core is in the right place. Filipinos are not corrupt. It's just the system that makes us do corrupt things. And proof of this moral core lies in a cochero that I know in Intramuros named Luisito Lopes.

Just last week, a Fil-Am guest of mine dropped an envelope with Php50,000.00 pesos in it on the floor. And instead of taking the U$1,000.00 ++ equivalent and using it for his family or for a drinking binge, Luisito simply handed he money over to me to give to the guest.

He did it with no fanfare and with no desire for getting anything in return for this act of honesty and humility. I'm sure it wasn't easy giving back the cash considering how hard life is for these carriage (kalesa) drivers.

And since Luisito won't toot his horn. I will do it for him. Ladies and Gentlemen. Meet Luisito Lopes. Manila's most honest cochero driver.

Postscript: Actually, I've been looking for a way to improve/beautify/organize the pedicab and Kalesa drivers of Intramuros. A new paint job and a price matrix and some uniforms would go a long way in promoting tourism in the walled city.

Perhaps this could be a volunteer effort for #HelpDOT. Anyone wanna help me?

Saturday, September 04, 2010


I HAVE FRICKING ARRIVED! WOOT! Sharon Cuneta gave away two (2) tickets to my tour on her show. I'm looking forward to meeting Roger and Trina Alcantara, the lovely couple who got married in McDonald's. They can hold hands in Luneta and have a Big Mac and Chicken Nuggets at the Luneta branch on Kalaw right after the tour. Whee!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


It cannot be denied that a result of events in Manila, tourism in our capital has fallen to an all time low. Hotel cancellations and international bad press is the order of the day and we are looking at a loss in livelihood at a very large scale.

So as my way of helping out the crisis brought upon our young tourism industry, I've put together a little package that will make it easier for locals to see their own capital, reflect upon it's state, upon recent events, and one's personal mindset while you fill the deficit brought about by this blow.

Be a tourist/pilgrim in your own town by checking into the The Intramuros Hotel, a quaint little budget hotel in front of San Agustin Church, and take a tour with me.

In your free time, wander about Intramuros' historic walls like Jose Rizal, drink San Miguels in Ermita like Nick Joaquin, or pray and pay respects in it's many holy spots and memorials like Filipino Chinese saint, San Lorenzo Ruiz.

Do this all while you immerse yourself in the history of the city that has pretty much defined the state of our entire nation.

Php4,800 (double occupancy)
or Php2,400.00 each

Php3,800.00 (single occupancy)

This includes accomodations at The Hotel Intramuros and tickets to one (1) Carlos Celdran tour.

This deal is only good for the month of September.

Email celdrantours@hotmail.com if you are interested or text 09209092021.

Check www.carlosceldran.com for the schedule of tours.