Monday, September 20, 2010


I am a firm believer in the Filipino. Despite the many challenges facing Philippine society and it's values, I truly believe that our moral core is in the right place. Filipinos are not corrupt. It's just the system that makes us do corrupt things. And proof of this moral core lies in a cochero that I know in Intramuros named Luisito Lopes.

Just last week, a Fil-Am guest of mine dropped an envelope with Php50,000.00 pesos in it on the floor. And instead of taking the U$1,000.00 ++ equivalent and using it for his family or for a drinking binge, Luisito simply handed he money over to me to give to the guest.

He did it with no fanfare and with no desire for getting anything in return for this act of honesty and humility. I'm sure it wasn't easy giving back the cash considering how hard life is for these carriage (kalesa) drivers.

And since Luisito won't toot his horn. I will do it for him. Ladies and Gentlemen. Meet Luisito Lopes. Manila's most honest cochero driver.

Postscript: Actually, I've been looking for a way to improve/beautify/organize the pedicab and Kalesa drivers of Intramuros. A new paint job and a price matrix and some uniforms would go a long way in promoting tourism in the walled city.

Perhaps this could be a volunteer effort for #HelpDOT. Anyone wanna help me?