Thursday, February 12, 2009


1 Giant Leap Project:
"What About Me?" - Exclusive Screening
Feb 13, '09 7:00PM
Mogawai Cinematheque
Unit 62&63 Cubao Expo, Gen Romulo Ave.
Ticketprice: 150 pesos (drinks and snacks included)

Following the success of their first double Grammy nominated film & album, "What About Me?" is the latest offering from 1 Giant Leap. This visionary project took Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman to over 50 locations as they explore through music, the complexities of human nature on a global scale, and aims to reveal how we are all connected through our creativity and beliefs, but most of all through our madness. Covering universal topics such as God, Sex, Death and Money, What About Me? features an incredibly diverse collection of collaborators from Noam Chomsky to Will Young, Maxi Jazz to Tim Robbins, Billy Connolly to Michael Stipe, Eckhart Tolle to Baaba Mal, among many others. So head on out to Cubao Expo, take your friends, have a drink, throw yourself on the cushions, relax and enjoy 90 minutes of amazing images, music and thought provoking revelations.