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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Just letting you all know that deliberations regarding the Reproductive Health Bill HB5043 will resume in Congress on Tuesday the 27th of January, 2009 (Uber-gross Roilo Golez will be the interpollator).  There will also be another deliberation on the 29th.  

We're getting closer to the prize, folks.  So go spread the word and show up in Congress and be counted.  Go at around 4:00 to 5:00pm and prove to Congress that over 70% of Filipinos want this bill passed.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, let your representatives know - pass it already. sometimes i wish we have a benevolent dictator in order to move things so much faster.

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time to show the Church that the Philippine State is no longer beholden to it.

Next bill: Divorce

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

time to kill those babies?

12:38 PM  
Blogger carlosceldran said...

You betcha! Lord knows this country has too many. It's a shame we couldn't get to you in time. :o)

12:47 PM  
Anonymous akosigundam said...

...Or we could feed the homeless to the hungry. That'll end poverty in the country.

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who's your Lord? haha.

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, it's time to pass this bill. Women should have the choice on how many kids they want... and again, this is not aborting, but rather, preventing conception.

Akosigundam... alluding to Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal"? nice...

12:18 PM  
Blogger carlosceldran said...

Why. Lord Earnest De Veyra of course. You sily goose.

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's clear up some things. Correct me if I'm wrong. Women already have a choice how many kids they want and there are already a lot of legal ways to do that. What this bill does is it allows more contraceptive ways/drugs to enter the country and fund programs to teach people how to do use them. But women already have a choice :) Again correct me if I'm wrong. I was in Recto the other day and I witnessed this college girl with her bf negotiating with some guys how she can get a certain drug to abort her baby. Does she qualify for this bill? :)

4:04 PM  
Blogger carlosceldran said...

Um. Ok. I'll tell you then. You are wrong.

That girl in Recto was looking for "Pamparegla", a dangerous poison illegally sold that causes spontaneous abortion.

If she had access to INFORMATION on birth control methods and was educated that UNPROTECTED sex causes pregnancy, she would not be risking her life by going to back alleys in recto for abortifacients.

No. Women do have a choice. Stay ignorant, get pregnant or die through poison or a botched back alley abortion.

What you witnessed is a perfect argument on why this bill should be passed.

I hope this answered your question.

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Bebe Gandanghari said...

So far so good. Next bill: Law on domestic parners (gay).

11:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ang Tanga ni 4:04 Anonymous.

She is trying to be all sarcastic and falls flat.


6:01 PM  

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