Monday, January 12, 2009


Wanna spend your days wandering about our country's most beautiful tourist spots?
Wanna meet interesting people and expand your personal and professional network?
And do you want to make a bit of money while you are at it?
If so, then I believe that you want to become a Mabuhay Guide.

Don't miss this chance. Come and join the Mabuhay Guide Program, a training module designed to enlist our country's brightest and most charming young men and women to guide visitors around our gorgeous country. It's a job that can be both glamorous and fulfilling. And as well trained & well-educated world class accredited professionals, you will not only to take care of arrangements of the our country's guests but, above all, talk about their country, its people, history, culture, attractions in an highly intelligent & engaging manner suited to your personality.

So if you are:
Between 24 – 40 years old;
Male or female; gay, straight or anything inbetween.
Have a college degree
Physically fit
English proficient
Loves Travel
Knowledable in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean,
Russian, French or any other foreign language desired.

Then please apply and be part of this very select group of scholars that hopes to bring Philippine tour guiding to world class standards. During this workshop you will learn everything about the Philippines from the following leaders in their field:

Literature: Virgilio Almario
Art: Eric Torres
Philippine History: Flor Hornedo
Philippine Cultural Identity: Felipe de Leon, Jr.
Architecture: Ning Encarnacion
Music: Ramon Santos
Dance: Larry Gabao
Filipino Cuisine: Gaita Fores
Philippine Antiques & Crafts: Jaime Laya
Philippine Geography: Doracie Nantes
Philippine Heritage Sites: Toti Villalon
Tourism & the ecology: Lory Tan

Moreover, a certified trainor from London will be invited to host the program. The trainor will handle tour planning, problem solving & guiding techniques, communication & presentation skills for guiding on foot, on site & from a moving vehicle, stressing on health, safety, customer care & other practicalities.

So think of this as a fun finishing school for Filipino tour guides, where you shall become part of an elite team of "superfriends" (ONLY 30 people will be accepted into this program) that will navigate visitors through our exciting country

To make the program attractive to the highly qualified, an allowance of P5,000.00 (Five thousand pesos) for during the training period will be offered. Employment upon graduation is assured. And as certified tour guides, you can make as much as P4,000.00 to P5,000.00/day.

Now ain't that a great deal? So spread the word to friends and family.