Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Plaza Calderon
Plaza Calderon - April 28, 2005
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It was only three days after writing that METROBANK MADE kvetch (see below April 25, 2005), when a karmic dog pulled on my cosmic pantleg. On the afternoon of April 28, I attended to the inauguration party of newly spiffed up Plaza Calderon dela Barca (now Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz) in front of Binondo Church in Chinatown. Although nonplussed by the labored musical styings of Miss Chinatown Pop Star and the verbose ramblings of government officials, I was pleased as punch to find fresh grass planted at the foot of every newly trimmed tree; to find all visual obstructions (like obsolete traffic signs and broken benches) completely removed, and to find both antique fountains finally working once again. I was also pleased as a pig in a poke to find out that METROBANK footed the entire bill for the plazas' refurbishment. Very nice. Very generous. But it doesn't change the fact that all your buildings are still very ugly. Nevertheless, it's a welcome gesture/downpayment for the myriad of aesthetic and architectural sins your institution has committed. Yes. It all begins with one step. Now try cleaning up the nasty canals in your neighborhood; your buildings still spew raw sewage.