Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Three more weeks to go till I win this damned contest and I post the "after picture" by Juan Caguicla. Not sure how much I weigh now but I am now thrilled that I can fit into shirts and pants that I haven't worn in years (below). I'm wearing my "ambisyon" shirt, a shirt I never threw away with the hope that one day I would fit into again. And voila! I finally do. Actually, the shorts that I used to pop out of on my Intramuros tour now falls unless I have a belt to hold it up. And as for belts, they have all gone down a couple notches. Yahoo. Whee-ha.

Hopefully, I'll look thinner onscreen when I am a guest on "The Debutante" on Qtv Channel 11 in the coming weeks. The Debutante is a reality show that seeks to find a lady who will become the "It Girl" role model of the year. The show is not your regular beauty pageant style reality show. It emphasizes as much on personality and intelligence as on appearance. (Below) here I am with host Marc Nelson and all of the contestants during their "Intramuros" challenge plus a disruptive Italian tourist that barged in on the taping. The Debutante airs every monday night at 7:00pm on QTV11. I was also surprised to realize that the show was done in English. It's been a while since I have seen an all English program on a public channel in the Philippines. Perhaps it's an attempt to improve our English proficiency? Whatever the case, congratulations to QTV11 for promoting the English language on television once again. I always believed we would be better off as a fully bilingual country.