Friday, October 31, 2008


(Some said that:)
Long toe nails are bakya

Picking ones nose in public is bakya.
Speaking Filipino English... F = P, TH = D, V=B is very Bakya.

(Some asked:)
Is drinking Tap water bakya?
Is riding a jeepney Bakya?
(Meanwhile, some have loudly declared:)

BAKYA: Balikbayans who insist on making a pilgrimage to the Wowowee show

BAKYA: Modern buses labled with portmanteaus of the owners' or their children's names (like "Nimfel" or "Marsoltina")

BAKYA: Driving all the way from QC to check out a giant shopping mall, because it's new and it's big! (Never mind that it has the same retail stores as your neighborhood shopping mall.)

BAKYA: Denying that you like Tagalog movies/telenovelas, when you've got Cinema One/ABS-CBN/GMA 7 programmed on your TV remote. (Hypocrisy is bakya.)
BAKYA: Following Betty la Fea, the Pinoy version, even though you've already seen the original Mexican telenovela and Ugly Betty.
BAKYA: Insisting on a wearing an accessory or clothing that is sold in every other stall in Greenhills' tiangge. (Safety in numbers does not exempt you from being bakya!)

BAKYA: Buying every version of a gadget, in the hopes of staying current. How many iPods do you own? (Unfortunately, my husband has every single one.)

(Apparently, some believe singing along is bakya.)
Whatever other people say, to me its still bakya to sing to a one man band
curlers and hair net (meron pa ba nun?). Furthermore, a bakya house must have a Last Supper in their dining room, huge wooden spoon and fork from Baguio, those paintings of gambling animals and seven horses in the living room, Malate art,

chunky jewelry, huge logo of designer brands - although fake naman.

BAKYA: The cult of useless, dangerous (as in if people copied them, our society would be in danger), delusional celebrities. My top four: Kris Aquino, Ruffa Gutierrez, Boy Abunda, and Tim Yuck. (Note: these last four names are not MY choices, but the choice of one of the entrants).

AND THE WINNERS ARE..... Drumroll....