Friday, November 07, 2008


And it's done. That little room in Intramuros I got has finally been fixed up.  After a couple of months of good ol' hard work, sweat, and spit, the hardwood floors have finally been waxed, the electricals/plumbing fixed, and of course, a chandelier hoisted up on high.  

So allow me to present "La Monja Loca" (The Crazy Nun), the gift store of Walk This Way tours.  Set within a courtyard next to San Agustin inside Intramuros, "La Loca" will sell Filipino handicrafts and pasalubong, postcards, objets d' art, tourist maps, and whatever else. I'm are also collaborating with Barbara's Restaurant to create a little cafe situation right in the courtyard itself and I'm in talks with some artist folks to hold events in there. I want the place to feel like the apartment of an eccentric personality that lived in Intramuros in the last century.  I hope that it could become the grooviest little shop that the walled city never had. Here are some preview shots below (pardon the mess and the crappy product display, I still need help setting up the store and need help finding suppliers of products - it's still a work in progress).

So come on down and check it out.  And for all you folks out there who make cool interesting Filipino stuff that could be consigned, please gimme a holler and let's try to get your stuff in there before my tour groups start crowding the store this holiday season.

3a Plaza San Luis,
Gen. Luna Street
Intramuros, Manila
0920 9092021