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Tuesday, April 18, 2006



A fantastic forum on Philippine Heritage and Heritage Architecture. A pretty heavy read but definitely worth leafing through all twenty six pages if only to check out the links and the amazing photo comparisons by a guy named Wonderboy. Click onto SkyscraperCity forum Philippine Then and Now Photos here.


Anonymous karina said...

mr. celdran, i am always watching living asia and i really enjoyed your tours with the foreigners or locals in manila. you surely put a different view of manila in my mind. i study in a school in intramuros so needless to say, i get to see it almost everyday. but the way you relate the place to the tourists, it's like a new place one really has to see. i really admire what you are doing. so im planning joining a tour this may. see ya!

8:56 AM  
Anonymous gari said...

Hi, Happy to inform you that i moved in my blog to its domain nameL and hope you can update your link. Have a nice day and hope to silently walk with you again in the streets of Manila. :-D

10:19 AM  
Blogger carlosceldran said...

You came on my tour already? You sly one, Gari. Would have loved to meet the face behind the blog. Address updated.

And to Katrina. Yes. Please do come along. I have weekday tours too. Maybe after class one day...


7:47 PM  

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