Sunday, April 02, 2006


Now where was I? Oh. Somewhere around here.

Tuesday, March 26, 2006
Location: Malate
4:00 PM
Goody goody. ABS-CBN arrived. Let the fun begin. I abruptly ditch the hysterics with Pokpok Cellphone Princess and catch up with the TV Patrol crew in front of Oarhouse (next to Hobbit House). A lightning quick interview with some ornery reporter named Sheila Dionisio ensued, then we regrouped beside the ChowKing next to Aristomart. At around four thirty-ish thereabouts, Col. Sanchez of Manila City Hall Security Group arrives with his men.

Immediately, a sting is planned. Col. Sanchez said that if the guilty money changer sees police vehicles approaching, they will surely close down, so taxis are hailed to act as "trojan" vehicles. He then divides us into two groups. The cops board two taxis while the camera men, the reporter, and I take the ABS-CBN pick-up truck (below).

We depart the parking lot of Malate Church in convoy. We drive down M.H. del Pilar. We turn left and take a shortcut through SOHOTEL. (Hey. No way, I didn't know you could do that. I just learned a new shortcut. Cool.) The ABS-CBN pick-up truck then parks in front of the a laundromat next to a mango tree. The cops swoop in on JF Money Changer. And the sting is in full swing.

Now not that I'm being baduy or anything by cutting the story short, but the photos I saved for the rest of the post somehow got deleted. Dang! Let me reload them again... Grr...

Next Chapter: My Four Minutes of Fame and Scenes from City Hall...