Tuesday, September 13, 2005


A perfect example of why some of these anti-gloria folks tick me off.
A conversational thread between me and Mr. Tony Abaya re: his article Military Intervention?

MY REPLY to his article:
Well. Nice to see that the idea of Gloria not resigning is now being considered - although reluctantly by many. Point of everything here is that many of us don’t CARE if she CHEATED. To feign moral indignation for what she did in a country where practically everyone cheats - in one way or another - is just hypocrisy. And I think were all waking up to that now. NOW CAN WE PLEASE CHANGE TOPIC? Hey I hear the SEA Games are being held here in November. Can we talk about that instead?

By your logic, Ferdinand Marcos should not have been kicked out either since what he did - cheating in the snap elections of February 1986, stealing the country blind, killing political opponents – is done by many others, anyway. And by the same logic, Joseph Estrada should not have been deposed either, since getting kickbacks from jueteng is done by so many others also.

Please dont ever try to put words in my mouth, Mr. Abaya. You are oversimplifying my comment. But re: your answer, my reactions are mixed.

FRANKLY, I truly believe that people DID NOT kick Marcos out for cheating per se. But I DO AGREE THAT People kicked him out because he was stealing money and killing people though. The cheating was merely the camel that broke our back. NOT THE MAIN REASON. Because if it was due to the cheating, Marcos would have been kicked out way before 1986. And why didnt you mention Fidel Ramos? Didnt he cheat too?

Erap is proof enough that a proper mandate does not assure good leadership. And Cory Aquino is also proof enough that moral leadership also can make shitty presidents.

Im not saying cheating is ok. I'm just saying that we should look into Gloriagate beyond it's moral issues (which is really the only stand being presented). I want a more tangible perspective. THERE IS NO COHESIVE ALTERNATIVE PLAN BEING PRESENTED BY ANYONE AT ALL! The opposing camps have not presented shit. They all say kick her out but never tell us what they will do once she is gone. We all need more proof than what is presented in those DOCTORED Tapes and a contingency plan post-resignation. But I guess all is moot now because the impeachment was thrown out anyway. Ha!