Tuesday, September 06, 2005


It seems my plot to ignore the Gloriagate impeachment crisis to death FINALLY worked. After 24 hours of deliberation in Congress (probably the hardest those fatsos ever worked in their life), all three impeachment raps against the Midget have finally been thrown out. WHEEE!

And if I am being insensitive to any pseudo-righteous citizens out there, my sincerest apologies. Please allow me to offer a heartfelt "I'm sorry" to all the transparent hacks on the TV news networks wearing black and white, as well as to you armchair radicals expressing your indignation on the web/newspapers, and to you poor fools marching up and down Commonwealth Avenue with those two attention seeking widows.

I'm really sorry that you wasted your time.

But now that things have come to a head and a constitutional decision has been made, please stop wasting ours. It's time for all of us to stop politicking and get back to work. Congress also has better things to do. Ever since this mess started, they accumulated a whopping backlog of 400 bills which still need to be addressed and passed. Enough damage has been done. We need to stop gazing at our navels and truly address the problems which surround us. Locally and internationally. I can't believe we spent most of these weeks looking at those ugly mugs in congress while New Orleans slipped into oblivion. It's time to get our priorities right.

And to do so, we must all accept these cold hard facts:

A)The impeachment complaints were without basis (it was such a flawed document to begin with; trying to pin too many things on GMA was a poor move. It totally smacked of hidden agendas).
B)Accusations DO NOT equate guilt. (See Solita Monsod article on this here).
C)Cory Aquino is completely irrelevant and is not, has not, and will never be the moral barometer of the Philippines.
D)There is NO alternative to GMA. FPJ and Roco are both dead in case you didn't notice. And she also had nothing to do with that either, ok?
and finally:
D) WE JUST DON'T CARE if she cheated in the elections. Who didn't?

Now excuse me, while I try to improve our economy by going to the mall to shop for new shoes. Ta!

Sidebar: Check out micketymoc's take on the "truth" here...

Gloria Arroyo, Cory Aquino, and "friends" during better times. Thanks to Honolulu Advertiser