Thursday, July 13, 2006


Wala lang. Just received this on a post that I did long ago. It's from a Visayan lady studying in the University of San Carlos (my father's alma mater) in Cebu. And although she was off to a rough start, the letter really hits a good stride towards the end. Moreover, I simply like this letter because it's effusive yet sincere and is an excellent indicator of what non-Manileno's in her age bracket are thinking and the English that they use to say it. It seems that the silent majority has finally found the words they were looking for. Nevertheless, I'm sure a lot of you out there would disagree..

I especially like the new way to create a smiley face on the bottom of the letter and thank you Cebu Ceboom CeBlog for the cartoon.

hello I am Gesal Marie Arnoza a Political Science student of the University of San Carlos, here in Cebu City, and as a student of this great department, I am here to share what I have. Gloria have done so much in our Country, If people use inquiry first, read the news paper and look at both sides of the coin, I think we will have lesser people complainig against Gloria and we will be to arrive at a better act of judgement. Well first Gloria said her sorry already, and I think no other Politician can be that honest like Gloria! The opposition? Look at them thay always complain! Can they just not stop? According to my Politcal Science proffessor Sir Poca, The Opposition are just tigers who wants to impeach Gloria the dragon, and when Gloria would be gone, the opposition would be become the new dragon again. Oh come on, can they not see the discernible events happening? They are only augmenting things up! They keep on opposing and complaining, do they not know that Gloria has done a lot of things for country? Our GDP increased, many homeless people were sheltered, and even death penalty was abolished( there are still many more) But despite all these Gloria still tries her best. And some people hates her becuse of EVAT? Oh aome on, do they not know that she is doing this to improve our economy? We have a very high foreign debt, do they not know that? And they blame her fot the increase of our oil prices, well no matter who are President will be, our oil prices will really increase, don't blame Gloria blame the countries are exporting oil. Anyway for the Opposition, Instead of opposing and wasting the money used during their meetings and sessions. I pray that our politicians may turn back to God for enlightenment and for all of them to work together for the improvement in the standard of living of every Filipino, I hope they will see how far behind ( light years ) are we with our neighboring countries, how severe is our miseducation, how high is our poveryt rate and how worse is our economy. I hope there will be unity and harmony in our Politics. I am a Filipina and I am hurt with our status quo , with our present situation. I pray that we will all see and work togehther in the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You (",)