Thursday, July 27, 2006


I just cleaned out my blogroll. And aside from removing sites which haven't been updated in the last three months (My regrets to all those who are gone), I also included two new sites to make up for the loss. The first one coming from At Maculangan and the second one from Peach Abubakar (and At once again) for Marikina Shoe Expo (aka Cubao X).
The first one, called "Life Is Almost Perfect" (top three photos) is the photoblog and random musings of At Maculangan, photographer, vegetarian, and husband of fellow blogger Art World Muse (above). Some shots were taken locally, lots were taken in Spain, and all of them are pretty wonderful in their own right. Some interesting shots to check out are the family portraits, the black and white lomograph of dogs mating, and some everyday scenes of Barcelona.
Meanwhile, "Cubao X", the other new blog on my list is not so much a personal dialogue as it is an expression of a zeitgeist. The Marikina Shoe Expo (not to be confused with the City of Marikina itself) is the epicenter of the Manila's edgiest art scene. In less than five years, this one-time footwear wholesale market tucked away behind the Rustan's Superstore now houses alternative exhibition spaces like the Chunky Far Flung Gallery & Cafe, Black Soup (above - with chairs), PABLO, Future Prospects (below with former The Living Room resident, Jenifer Wofford), and shops like Bespoke and Vintage Pop (bottom shot). The blog, "Cubao X" hopes to be the liason and between the galleries/artists/creative entrepreneurs of Marikina Shoe Expo and the general public both here and abroad. I just hope that the contributors of this blog will soon post the addresses of each space, post directions on how to contact them/get there, and update their activities schedule religiously. This site - just like the Marikina Shoe Expo itself, shows a lot of promise. I really hope it lives up to it.

Log onto the sites here and here

And thanks Meg for the lovely post.