Friday, July 06, 2007


I didn't realize how much this would affect me. My heart is officially broken and I am a sniveling mess. I haven't slept well all week, I haven't left bed all day today, and this morning, I actually shed a tear in frustration (- and mind you, I never shed tears). All I kept thinking to myself was: Mayor Lim, why did you send The City of Manila back into the dark ages? The north side of the Pasig River is once again a crowded, traffic-choked mess since you started ripping out all the marble and pavement and returned asphalt and jeepneys to Rizal Avenue last Saturday. This is definitely not the best way to start your term. I am comletely unimpressed. As a matter of fact, I think I hate you.

I can't believe you changed this (above)...

To this (above)! And all for the motherfu*king jeepneys! I know you are on Erap (da jeepney drayber) Estrada's camp, but there must a better way to alleviate traffic than pandering to these undisciplined smoke belching death traps and wasting all the money we taxpayers spent on this urban renewal project. Please remember it was OUR money that was spent on the pedestrianization of Rizal Avenue - NOT ATIENZA'S! IF you had ever walked (or driven) in the area, you would have noticed that in the past year, the traffic flow had already settled into the new detour system. The newly widened Santa Cruz Plaza and accessway through F. Torres had really addressed the issue of congestion. There was no need to return Rizal Avenue to cars!! Your issues were outdated! That's how out of touch you are! How in heavens name could you possibly think opening up Rizal Avenue would be safer and more civilized for Manilenos!?? How will pedestrians cross the avenue to get from Santa Cruz Church to Quiapo Church now? How? HOW? In between the vehicles or through some overcrowded crossing?? Or should we all learn to fly? Gawd! I wonder how much worse things will be when you allow rallies to block traffic on Mendiola once again!

FYI, you all: My grief and anger for this regression has prompted me to cancel all my North Bank and ChinaTown tours until further notice. The dates you see posted on this blog will be the last that I ever do. I am just too pissed off and frustrated and it's just too painful to see the north side of the Pasig River go back to the medieval state that it was in back in the early nineties under your first term. For the last six years, I have been trying to convince people that Quiapo is a civilized spot for pedestrians/tourists/human beings only to have my efforts reversed by this one unenlightened act. I can't take it anymore.

Truth be told, I am this close to just throwing the towel in and fuc*king migrating to somewhere fricking else than here because of what Mayor Lim has done. See more heart wrenching pictures here on Senor Enrique's blog.