Monday, July 16, 2007


I'm not plugging this magazine simply because I am an editor at large (I help them select topics for articles) nor for helping conceptualize their launch at the BMW tent last Thursday. I am plugging this magazine simply because I think it's the best magazine in Manila today. It's got interesting articles about interesting people and clear, crisp photos. The basics for any good read. Some of the features for this month: Land of the Rising Son, a profile on Bong Marcos by David Nugent (with great shots from the Malacanang archives (below) courtesy of Jeremy Barnes), an article on the strange and uncharmed life of Rene Knecht (Manila's fallen party pretty boy of the 1970's) by Jose Mari Ugarte, Solenne Heussaff's final photo pictorial before her departure for Paris (above) by Gino Caguicla, plus features on scuba diving at Raja Ampat, Radioactive Sago Project, vacationing in Nicaragua, Cigars, and what's best and what's next in the local scene. Certainly worth dropping Php180.00 for. Grab their maiden issue now on any local bookstore or magazine stand.

Strangest comment I heard about Rogue: "I love it! It doesn't seem like a local magazine." Thank you. I think.

And thank you to Lalon for the listing. Cheers!