Wednesday, August 08, 2007


The Galleon Trade Artists etc...
Left to Right:
Juan Caguicla*, Mike Arcega, Reanne Estrada(front), Ria Limjap*(back), Claire Light (front), Jennifer Wofford (back), Megan Wilson, Maria Taniguchi*(foreground), Eliza Barrios(front), Carlos Celdran*(back), Romeo Candido*, Christine Wong Yap, Gina Osterloh, Stephanie Syjuco, Norberto Roldan*, Rick Griffiths*, Dennis Lagdameo*, Santo NiƱo*(far right)

Please allow me to introduce you to the California based artists and writers (and their Filipino friends) who graced our fair city with their presence. They all made their way here to the Philippines for a group show/artist talk/exchange called "Galleon Trade", organized by the intrepid Jenifer Wofford. Currently on exhibit at Green Papaya Art Projects and Mag:Net Katipunan and High Street, these artists truly raised the bar when it came to artistic collaborations. Not only were they talented, eloquent, and organized, but amazingly, they were all charming as well. They truly tickled Manila pink. It was a privilege hosting them at The Living Room and I certainly hope that this isn't the last time we'll see them around these parts. Pseudo Vanity Fair photograph above done by Juan Caguicla.

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