Tuesday, December 04, 2007


My apologies, but I'm just going make a celebrity post just because I'm cheap and showbiz like that. How cool is it that Amazing Race contestants Rovilson Fernandez (Team Philippines with Marc Nelson) and the pretty Vanessa Chong (Team Malaysia with her sister Pamela) both took time out from their shooting schedule to attend my tour last Saturday morning. Both were very nice and courteous. (They made the mistake of arriving at the tour one day ahead of the open tour and crashed the tour of one of my favorite clients, Miss Lani Ablaza - who was gracious enough to allow them to join us.) But most of all they were discreet, no mention was made of Amazing Race I'm under the impression that they are still in the race. Or are they? And not to get all Cher Horowitz here but don't they look like they should be dating?


Oh. And props out to Vanessa for eating balut. That's the spirit.

Amazing Race Asia website and forum here:

AND BIGGER PROPS TO BRYANBOY for helping uplift our battered national image by recommending Boracay as the holiday destination of choice for the international American traveller. Read the PsychoPEDIA article here: