Monday, June 23, 2008


Got a great email from my friend Cathy. It seems that her GM, Edna Belleza, went on my walking tour a few months ago with her sister, Dr. Cymbaline Tancongco Culiat. Well, Dr. Culiat made a breakthrough in molecular genetics, specifically in regerating damaged tissues after heart attacks. Way cool. It just tickles me pink to hear of Filipinos out there excelling in the field of science. Hopefully, her achievement will inspire the some members of the next generation to think of science as a viable and satisfying career. And how nice of her to mention me on the third page of the article as well. Read it here.

Cathy mentions, "I don't know why they quoted famous (like so: the "famous" Carlos Celdran). :-) Weird."

Yes. Weird.

Above (L-R) Ms. Edna, Dr. Culiat, me, Ms. Robin, Mr. Miguel.