Thursday, June 05, 2008


Okidoki. This is it. The Rogin-E Challenge ends this month and I have maintained my somewhat "ideal" weight of 168 pounds. So from a high of 200ish pounds a year or so ago below, I took off 30 pounds from my heaviest moment.

Yeah, I know, I still need a bit more to go, and I hit a low of 165 a month ago, but due to my really hectic schedule this past month (and I mean HECTIC), I haven't found enough time to sleep, much less work out as much as I should. Not to mention, when the hectic times hit, I hit the San Miguel Pale. So because of that, I still seem to be hovering around 168-170 ish pounds. But now that this endorsement is over, check out the other free samples I got yesterday.

A foundation called ProHAIR (which helps folks with Male Pattern Balding) gave me some free samples of Finasteride (aka Propecia) to try out after I attended their website launch event at the Mandarin Oriental. I'm still wondering why they gave it to me.

I'm not balding.

Hmmm. I just took some for the last three days. Has anybody out there tried this stuff? Does it work?

Thanks Manila Style for the picture of the fat me.