Thursday, December 04, 2008


It's gonna be interesting in downtown Manila these next few days. For the culturati vulturati, there is "Bravo España!" at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Main Theater tonight, December 5 at 8:00pm. Watch Conductor Cristóbal Halffter and Pianist Rudolf Golez play with the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra and Philippine Madrigal Singers. A real classy way to start the Holiday Season. Call 832 3704 for details and tickets.

And while we're on the subject of gay apparel, don't miss "PRIDE 2008" on Saturday, December 6. The Pride Parade of pixies, fairies, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders starts at 3 pm at Remedios Circle, followed by a Program and Pageant (Miss Queen Philippines 2008) at 5 pm, and finally, a street party along Ma. Orosa St. from 10 pm onwards. Log on here for info.

And after a night of partying and debauchery, cleanse those sins away by going to Intramuros to watch the grand Marian Parade. Undoubtedly the most beautiful day of the year to be in the walled city, over 70 carozzas loaded with flowers, lights, and eclessiastical statues will roam the streets of the city to the delight of all. It will also coincide with the opening of the festival grounds of Intramuros (by the clamshell). Enjoy street food, street art, folk dancing, handicraft shopping, and street music from December 5 to December 30 of this year. The enchantment starts at 4:00pm. Make sure to pass by my store, La Monja Loca (The Crazy Nun), inside the Plaza San Luis Compound too.

And of course, on Tuesday, don't miss the concert in support of the Reproductive Health Bill HB5043 at Quezon City Memorial Circle next to Philcoa. I'm hosting the darned thing from 6pm onwards. See you all there.