Thursday, December 11, 2008


It's been a bacchanalia of ice cream for me these past few weeks.  Lord knows I shouldn't be joining all these ice cream orgies all around town lest I fall off the wagon like Oprah. Just last month, I hosted the Peninsula Hotel Ice Cream Journey. It was the launch of their new ice cream combinations and a re-introduction of their old favorites like the halo-halo and the ridiculously decadent Penpals (click on this - you must). Truth be told, I have never seen so much ice cream scarfed down in one room in my life - ever. And that is not a small claim.  Click on Arpee Lazaro's coverage of the affair to see what I'm talking about.

And now, from within my own family, my weight loss attempts have been sabotaged by the FIC Ice Cream Bar in Rockwell. My cousins Joe and Yoli and their partner Joanna have come up with the evil idea of an "Eat All You Can" Ice Cream Buffet for Thursdays until January. For P295 you can gorge on 15 flavors of ice cream and toppings and for P345, you can scarf down all the ice cream, toppings, AND pastries that your little black heart desires. It's really a great deal if you want to try new flavors and experiment on combinations that you have never had before. Kids below 12 years old can also enjoy the madness at the discounted price of P200 (for ice cream and toppings) and P 240 (for ice cream, toppings, and pastries).

This craziness happens each Thursday of December from 3 p.m. to 12 midnight.  The Ice Cream Bar is located at Joya Tower, Joya Drive, Rockwell Center. Thank you Jo Poblete, Arpee and ok.wecan for the photos.