Thursday, April 16, 2009


Wanna feel great about being Filipino? Head on out to SMX Convention Center beside Mall of Asia and check out Manila F.A.M.E. It's amazing what Filipinos (and the foreigners who love them) can do with coconut shells, capiz, resin, ash, newspapers, and a whole lot of imagination. It's like walking through a funky museum of really great things. That are for sale. To people who live abroad. Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to take many photos - and all the ones I managed to take sucked - so these few shots are all I am able to post. I especially liked all the stuff they did with Capiz shells. Check out the cool Capiz jar (below).

The Capiz Nipa hut.

And the Capiz Eiffel Tower.

I hear locals can buy stuff on the last day or can bid for the samples after the expo ends. Manila FAME runs until this weekend.