Friday, May 01, 2009


It seems that Pasay City is gliding into a new age. With the presence of Albert Avellana and Eric Paras at 2680 FB Harrison, Galerie Duemila on Loring, and now, My Mother's Garden at 2650 Zamora Street - this age seems to be turning out to be a golden one. Run by fashion designer Malou Veloso and formerly the residence of her father, National Artist for Architecture Pablo Antonio (architect for Far Eastern University in Quiapo, South Syquia in Malate, and The Manila Polo Club in Makati), MMG follows the example set by celebrated restaurant La Cocina de Tita Moning in adapting heritage structures for contemporary use.

Open only by appointment, MMG is an airy example of Pablo Antonio's use of modernism in a tropical setting. His use of solid forms, slanted windows, and clean lines are pioneering devices in a country more known for festooning motifs and uber ornamentation in it's architecture.

And now with his grandson Joey Veloso back from Melbourne to revamp his menu, MMG promises to be really worth your venture deep into the heart of Zamora Street. A graduate of Swinburne in Prahran and Victoria University in Footscray, his cuisine is admittedly fusion but not annoyingly so. Some of his signature dishes are Caesar Salad with Prawns, Filipino Australian Salad with Tuguegarao Longganiza, and Vietnamese Baked Chicken. And true to his Australian exposure, Joey is laid back and easy-going, he not a kitchen nazi at all and is open to a customer's requests. Need it vegetarian, vegan, mediterranean, or lactose free? He is hip with it and can design a menu to suit your palate. Oh, and all flowers are real, juices freshly squeezed, and dessert pastries baked onsite everyday. And best of all, my Bogart was welcome without bias or fuss. Classy family these Antonio-Velosos. Thank you.

Call them now to reserve and get directions. Ask for Joey himself or Letlet. 831 8407, 4859244, or 918 7022125.