Thursday, May 14, 2009


First of all, thanks a million to Caroline Mangosing/Romeo Candido and all the hardworking peeps of Kilusan Philippine Center for making this trip possible. And second of all, allow me to show you where I will be sleeping and working in for the next few weeks. Above: the view from my bedroom window on Yarmouth Street.

My desk and computer.

My bed. Sigh. I hate sleeping alone. It makes me nervous.

Dandelions in the front lawn. It seems spring has sprung in Toronto. It's not as cold as I expected. Although today is a pretty wet and gross day. Which is why I decided to stay in and blog.

A better view of the house. We stay upstairs.

The smoking section.

The street where I live.

And of course, the white elephant down the street. Wala lang.