Sunday, September 27, 2009


View of Intramuros from Burgos Drive/Luneta.

Bloated Pasig River. Note vagrant defacating into river. Interviewed him after his dump. He said flooding was not so bad. Only up to knee. Underpass of Jones Bridge was pretty bad though.

The underpass next to Jones Bridge next to Manila Post Office. This was taken behind Manila Press Club. Water was higher than a person's forehead.

View from Intramuros wall overlooking golf course. Taken near Puerta Santa Lucia near San Agustin Monastery.

A completely submerged Puerta Real Gate. Waist high water at least.

A completely flooded entrance to Puerta Real.

Puerta Real Gardens next to Pamantasan ng Maynila. This was once a lawn where concerts are held.

Note submerged silver carozza. Entrance to Puerta Real.

This was once a garden. Now it's a lagoon.
View towards Department of Labor.

Puerta Real Gate from the interior.

Side view of Puerta Real Gate.

Wide shot.

Puerta Parian Gate near Manila City Hall. This is the office of my friends over at Kabayan. Their communications equipment was damaged. But computers safe. They told me about two deaths last night that happened near the area. One was an 18 year old on his way to pick up his girlfriend. While wading through chest high water, he touched a live wire. So sad.

Top view of flooded. Note the watermark on the little huts.

Another shot of area. But despite low elevation and close proximity of Intramuros to sea and Pasig River, the damage was not as bad as that in Marikina and Pasig.

The damaged base of the radio system of the Kabayan Security folks. Anyone know where I can have it repaired or how much a new one is? Security communications is an ABSOLUTE necessity inside Intramuros.

Sandbags outside San Agustin Museum. Water reached below the knee. No damage to any artifacts reported.

And despite this all. A wedding was still in progess.

Ah, the resiliency of the Filipino Spirit.

Now I'm off to volunteer for the Noynoy/Mar folk or Team Manila. Depends on which place I'm able to reach in this traffic.

Stay safe everyone.