Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Oh my god. Can I just tell you? I don't care about ZTE and the Jun Lozada brouhaha. I don't care about it at all. I haven't even kept the TV on a local channel long enough to even pretend to care about Jun Lozada and Atienza and NBN and The First Gentleman et al. When I see anything about this ZTE issue on television, I just go "Eeek. Next channel!" and switch stations like my hand was going to burst into flames if I didn't. Not that I am diminishing the issue at all. Corruption is a big issue in a developing country like ours. But in this particular instance, it's just the hypocrisy and grandstanding of those who are doing the condemnation that just turns me off. And poor little Jun Lozada gets himself thrown in the middle. Poor shmuck.

I mean, yes, the First Gentleman is a little piglet. No doubt about that. But please don't tell me that all the politicians pursuing this issue aren't little piglets either (below). Getting little greasy slices of pork from projects like the NBN is modus operandi in ANY administration - it's no secret to us and it's no secret to the senators doing the grilling. It's been the modus operandi for decades! Where else would ANY administration get money to do things like, oh, give to senators and congressmen for their election campaigns? Senators and Congressmen don't come for free, ya know. Tip: instead of looking at the noisy ones, let's try and count who are the quiet ones in Senate and Congress. Perhaps they are quiet because they already were given their pieces of the pork. And it's only the squealing ones that are upset because they didn't get theirs. Hence, if it's all just piggies fighting piggies over pieces of pork that they just pass on to other piggies, then it's just politics in the end. Period. Philippine politics and governance is sick, that is as obvious as obvious can be. But will this Jun Lozada scandal be the catalyst for the great changes that need to be made? Ha! Great changes will be done in this society through small ways and on a person to person basis. Paradigm shifts don't happen through Senate hearings. Trust me, this "moral revolution" WILL NOT be televised.

Do I think corruption should be addressed? Yes. Do I think getting rid of Gloria will solve this issue? No. Do I agree with JDV that a moral revolution in government should be pursued? Yes. But will that revolution come from Senate and from Congress or from JDV himself. Hell no. Parehong baboy silang lahat. So that's why I'm ignoring the politics and protests. And judging by their sad rally last week (Please. Makati Business Club, Black and White Movement, Cory Aquino et al. More people attended the Beyonce concert than your rally), I think others are too.

Idea to float by the Senate: Start the moral revolution by commiting mass hara kiri. Zest-o juice drink with a dash of cyanide would be my cocktail of choice for you all.

Anyone from ABS CBN out there who can tell me if the Lozada scandal is bringing up ratings? Thanks Krookroo for the pic of Lozada, ANSAV for the spoof on the senators above, and to my brother Miguel for helping me figure out why I just don't care.

And omigosh. John Marzan has the claws out for Bong Austero and me! Jeez. Why are all these anti Gloria people so hormonal? Peace, guys. Really.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for finally coming out with your comments on this whole fiasco (we've been waiting).... and THANK YOU more for writing what we can't agree with more. Here's to harakiri!!!

Sidney said...

You should organize a "walking tour" of the different protests and demonstrations...
There is almost one rally every week and it should be possible to fit this in between your other more conventional tours around the city.

Mendiola, Plaza Miranda, Ayala Avenue, American Embassy, EDSA Shrine, Ateneo de Manila University...

Maybe with an optional meeting with Binay, Antonio Trillanes or Guingona. Or what about Neri or the First Gentleman?
A photo-op with Jun Lozada for all the participants of your tour.
(You can hire me as photographer. I will give you a discount...)

Teach history while it unfolds right in front of you... ;-)

Nina Lumberio said...

I totally agree with you Carlos!

john marzan said...

Idea to float by the Senate: Start the moral revolution by commiting mass hara kiri. Zest-o juice drink with a dash of cyanide would be my cocktail of choice for you all.

why call on them to commit suicide when it's the arroyo administration who betrayed our public trust and abused it's power?

Que Sera Sera Philippines said...

Hear! Hear!

Anonymous said...

oh come on john marzan. read the post again.


i totally agree with you, carlos! i can't take the hypocrisy & grandstanding, too! as if sila malilinis! as if sila matitino. how kapal is dut?!?


noel said...

John Marzan is typical of the anti gloria forces who act and talk without thinking.

That's why nobody is joining them.

Can't wait to see how pathetic the next rallies are going to be.

Oh. And I have friends in absbcn. Ratings are down. Way down.

JeannieTheDreamer said...

i support you Carlos... mabuhay ka.

hey... side bar... can you do a walk this way at my parent's neighborhood? do you know that their phone cables were stolen for the 3rd time? this time on broad daylight. dude, lintek talaga. how can i call my parents on their landline. how can they see my baby's pictures on the internet.
let me know if you wanna make patol to my suggestion.... you just have to brave the traffic to get to my parents' house.

thanks Carlos

Anonymous said...

Great article. I totally agree with you.

It's funny because I am part of this socio-political e-group where everyone provides their views on the latest goings-on in the country. To date, no one has posted anything on the Jun Lozada affair. Go figure.

This truly begs the question: what if you had a scandal and nobody came?

Special cheers to my favorite Black and White Movement whose ability to make strange bedfellows reflects their prescient choice of name.

carlosceldran said...

NOBODY is coming to this "revolution". This long weekend will be spent with most people wondering what to eat at the malls than planning another tiresome "people power" affair.

At then next rally, anti Glo forces will have to resort to using tight shots and close ups to make the crowds look bigger than they are.

A trick I remember being used by pro Marcos media many years ago.

Hay nako. I wish it could just all go away. We should be hearing more about the floods in Visayas than this pathetic "scandal".

And Hi Jeannie! Where is your mom's neighborhood again nga?

micketymoc said...

I read your two exchanges on John Marzan's blog, Carlos. Good on you for being the bigger man.

grumpyurbanslacker said...

the idea of JDV calling for and leading a moral revolution gives me the shivers! what gall, what nerve and what sheer hypocrisy! its like the pot calling the kettle black!

perhaps the same people who bombed Glorietta can bomb the Senate and thus end everyone's misery....and it can be attributed to the methane gas from all the politicos' shit.

Jego said...

I read your comments on John Marzan's blog too and youre hilarious.

I dont agree with you on this one, though. Doing what is right isnt supposed to be dependent on the existence of hypocrisy or whatever your neighbors do. Lozada is a credible whistleblower to me, all the more because he's an insider who may have benefited from the system. He's the (sorry, cliche alert) pot calling the kettle black, and who better to call the kettle black than the pot who knows the nature of blackness?

Getting rid of Gloria will not eliminate corruption. But that's not the only reason I want her to go. I want her to go because she's incompetent and is an enabler. (Remember, I said I think Lozada is credible, so there's the premise. I just thought I'd mention that before someone goes Jimmy Cochran on me and asks for proof.) And oh, right. She also happens to be the president, the office where the buck stops. I mean, bribery in Malacanang? How many ways of incompetent does she have to demonstrate?

Youre still my hero as far as your love for Manila is concerned. Youre DOING, not just yapping. But on this one, I have to disagree.

(I was so tempted to do some name-calling but Im too repressed. We really need more name-calling to weed out the pikon. :-) )

carlosceldran said...


Such a gentleman.

Look everyone! It is possible to disagree on political matters with civility and graciousness.

Really let's save the name calling for the politicians. Not for each other.

God bless you Jego and have a great weekend.

john marzan said...

Peace, guys. Really.

okay, peace.

Gerry Cacanindin said...

Well Carlos, at least you still care enough to think why you don't care about the NBN comedy.

I don't even care why I don't care anymore.

I don't care if I am called one of the apathetic Filipinos whom these rally junkies sometimes blame for our country's ills.

All I can say is, I'm being productive by working my a@# off instead of wasting my time on rallies.

Some may counter-argue that all I'm working for is for naught since I'm not doing my part in keeping our country corruption-free.

To which, I often reply, "I know when I have to act, I'm not stupid, thank you. Now bug off, I have work to do."

Antonio Sy said...

Because these evil society are self styled megalomaniacs and messiahs who thinks they're God's gift to the Filipino people and that all of us who are not doing anything are dumb twits.

Hay naku

catswalks said...

Cheers to the Harakiri idea! No matter who becomes president there will still be corruption. The fact is most of the people in office are corrupt. The only way to eradicate corruption is to CHANGE EVERYONE in office. Mass harakiri sounds like a good idea!

Protesting against Gloria now won't change anything. Because even if they manage to throw her out who will replace her? I'm sure someone just as corrupt as her.

The problem with our system is one cannot reach high office without owing too many people favors. If we really want to have less corruption in government then we have to change the political system not only the politicians.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you Carlos. Let us not help them continue this culture of impunity. Gloria and her posse have to go.

All Filipinos are social climbers. This is the root of all Filipino evil. The rich people are the worst. Each person wants to own an expensive Louise Vuitton than their friends. The poor people dream of living a lifestyle of movie stars.

Kenneth Cole said it right - "There is a little Imelda in all of us".

carlosceldran said...

Oh I totally agree that this culture of impunity has to go. No doubt about that.

I merely believe that removing Gloria will not be the solution to that problem. THIS ZTE SCANDAL IS NOT THE CAUSE OF THE ROT. This whole ZTE scandal is a RESULT of the rot.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for this article. I agree with you, totally!

These Senators, parang hindi naman sila nagpapasundo sa PSG, parang hindi sila dumadaan sa ibang way na hindi dinadaanan ng regular passengers, parang pumipila sila sa Immigrations. Hay naku.

Anonymous said...

What bothered me before was the stagnation of emotions, or the lack of agitation, a lack of sense of violation.

It’s completely alive for me now that people actually want to say, ‘This is enough, it’s too brazen. One scandal after another, and no resolutions. This is a slap on our faces as citizens.’ That’s fine with me. And if they can take it higher, so much the better. If they don’t bring it to fruition, so what? The thing is, you would have brought a whole collective consciousness higher anyway.

Rhett said...

I so totally agree with you. I just hate the hypocrisy and the all the grandstanding.