Friday, February 22, 2008


I had a health scare last year. From high cholesterol to high uric acid to acid reflux. Due to the taxing nature of my work (yapping in full volume as I run around the rougher parts of this city in full throttle and costume almost six times a week), by December 2007, my body sent me signals and began turning itself inside out. So after an executive check-up and spending a night in ultra creepy Makati Medical Center (above), I have learned that I'm still a salvageable creature and am now determined more than ever to lose some weight and get back in shape. Not only just to recover the waifish figure I left behind (below at the age of 17 wearing a medium sized Island Spice shirt with friend Mawi) but also to avoid ever spending another night in Makati Medical Center again.

And thanks to the folks at Mad Crowd Media, Gold's Gym and Rogin-E, I have been given a two month gym subscription and all the Rogin-E Multivitamins that I can wolf down to see how fast I can get into the shape that I want. Actually, I already work out at The Manila Peninsula but I don't have assistance from a personal trainer. For the last couple of years, I have just been making up my own workout program simply because I hate taking instructions from anyone. Now I am finally ready to allow some guy at Gold's gym named Jopet to tell me what to do. And let's see what happens. Wow. Look at that side view below taken last June. That has GOT to go...

This is all part of the Rogin-E's Bloggers Showdown to see how fast Paul, Anton, and I lose weight and get into shape. So may the best man win. Bring it on. This are the "before" pictures below. The "after" will be posted in two months. Sorry if the following pictures offend anyone out there. Truth be told, they kinda offended me too.

Thanks Juan For the reaaaallly scarily clinical pictures of yours truly above. Whoof... Ow.

I also heard myself referred to as "the fat guy who tours people" by some stranger last week.

Well, let's just see about that, shall we?