Friday, February 22, 2008


Just got back from the island of Corregidor. It was a very mellow weekend. Only five people signed up (What the hell everyone? Am I made of chopped liver?). But no big deal. I don't feel forgotten simply because the entire hotel was booked by Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay and his UP college classmates for their alumni weekend (Boy, can those folks karaoke till the cows come home) and there was no room for my guests. Nevertheless, I still spent the weekend bonding with family and friends and facilitating their love for photography. The five people were my brother Miguel, cousin David and his son, Powee, and my highschool classmate Nena, her friend Angela, and Angela's stuffed toy, Baluba (yes, Baluba). Loved this weekend, since I knew everyone really well, I felt no need to "put on a show" so to speak and was just as relaxed as everyone else. Sometimes, leading thirty people through jungle and World War II ruins with a costume and props can be really exhausting. Hallelujah for the sunset cocktails at the end of the day. Here are some of my favorite shots of the weekend by Nena. Check more out here...

Sunset cocktails.

Spanish Lighthouse

The Pacific War Memorial Eternal Flame (Which needs a facelift. FAST!)

The MacArthur statue. He returned. Boy, did he return in a big way.

The tail of Corregidor Island.

Philippine Flag through the ruins of Corregidor Theater.

Milling about the Former Fort Mills.

Oh, and a great big shout out to photographer Emily Nathan and Magda who were in town last month to do a feature on the Philippines for Travel + Leisure SEAsia (Such a hip magazine and so glad that they are giving our islands some attention)... Thank you so much for sending me the link to these great pictures of my Chinatown tour. Amazing. You made San Nicolas and Binondo look ethereal. Here are some of the lovely shots and check out her site here:

A picture of a jeepney on Madrid Street.

The El Hogar Filipino Building.

Magda, the uber-photo assistant.
Lucky Pineapples.

A big thanks also to Peejo Pilar for the uber great feature Maxim magazine. Run out everyone and buy a copy. It's still on the stands.

And finally, C'mon, everyone. My next overnight trip to amazing Corregidor is on March 29-30. Call now and make a booking. There is still lots of room.