Sunday, March 08, 2009


Thank you, Maraming Salamat, Muchas Gracias, Kam Sia to all who came to Manila Transitio 1945. It was an amazing night of performance, spoken word, installation art, video art, flamenco, and ritual.  I thank you, Intramuros thanks you, and all the men and women who gave their lives in the Liberation of Manila 1945 thanks you as well. 

Hope to see you all next year at the 65th anniversary of The Battle of Manila.

Thank you Audrey and Irwin for the photos.  And hey, if anyone out there has any photos, videos or reads any blog/press entries about Transitio, please send them to me? I need it so I can make proposals and raise funds to hold it again next year and not shoulder so much of it myself.


Katrina said...

Congratulations on what was clearly an awesome night! Several friends went, too. I truly wish I could've gone. But I shall most definitely try my best next year.

Eddie Boy posted many pictures on his Multiply. Check them out. :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats again, C.! You are an idol in heritage conservation and handing out knowledge of our culture to ohters! Hopefully more of these events in the future! I'll send pix thru your e-mail! Thanks for a memorable night again!

Anonymous said...

HI Carlos,

Let me know when you need help...our company may be able to sponsor some of your events or programs....

Noey L.

Achilles said...

1945 The Battle of Manila.

The first big city battle of the American forces after the infamous island hopping of General McArthur.

Manila was doomed to be destroyed just like other major cities in Southeast Asia.

I wonder how you perform on your tour. Some Tourist might had their jaw dropped.

jeprocks said...

pictures here!

Peregrino said...

Please, Please Carlos.. do organize an overnight trip to Corregidor in May. My available dates will be May 10th-21st.

buccino said...

Pictures! Pictures!

Salam at sa gabi. Too bad I brought too little wine and drinks.

Anonymous said...

hi Carlos,

enjoyed the tour last saturday..

and my friends had fun with the lanterns..

i want to share my pics.. pls follow the link..