Sunday, April 03, 2005


Are you tired of the plasticine mugs of Manila's perfumed class beaming out from the pages of your newspapers lifestyle section? Have you also had it up to your keister (Keister: (kee-ster): derriere; buttocks.) with the verbose writings of Manila's self-proclaimed lifestyle columnists? If so, then run, don't walk, and buy a copy of the BUSINESSWORLD WEEKENDER; without question the best broadsheet lifestyle section published in Manila today. They truly mean business when it comes to writing about life and culture in Manila. Within its modest eight plus pages, you wont find any vapid socialites griping about the state of their small lives or matrons hawking the latest Hello Kitty can opener. No overdone fashion shoots or payola primed product shots hoarding half the page either. All you will read is an intelligent digest of well-written articles (on topics both local and foreign) and credible cultural reviews (insiders inform me that their writers insist on paying for tickets to shows they review). The Weekender printed version comes as part of the BusinessWorld newspapers' supplement every Friday and - at a hefty twenty pesos - is worth the price if only for it's extensive listing of the weekend's cultural activities. Eclectic and well categorized, it features detailed schedules of events like the concerts at Paco Park, shows at the Cultural Center of thePhilippines, and the walking tours of yours truly. Ta!