Sunday, April 24, 2005


Traditional Filipino Dance in a Cabaret Setting
In past years, I have been asked time and again where one should go to watch traditional Filipino dancing in Manila. Automatically, I would suggest either the Philippine Plaza Poolside or Zamboanga Restaurant on Adriatico St. for a fix since I knew of no other place. Not a very generous selection I must admit, especially for those not into 5 star hotel prices nor dining in an overly touristy setting. But thank heavens, and thank Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group, we are not confined to these choices any longer. Every Wednesday night starting April 27, you and I can now watch the award winning real thing onstage at Nicotina Garden Pavilion. It's definitely the better alternative.
Complete Dinner Buffet (7:00PM) and Show (8:00PM)
Php 850.00 + Adults
Php550.00 + Childern
Php500.00 Show only