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Yours truly, March, 2005
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I said it once, I'll say it again. Inasmuch as I hate to toot my horn...
Posted 06:21am (Mla time) April 10, 2005 By Ross Harper Alonso
Inquirer News Service
Published on page Q1 of the April 10, 2005 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer
CARLOS Celdran is the new Pied Piper of Manila. On most days you'll find him dressed in his "tour demon costume," in a barong Tagalog, tsinelas, and a salakot or top hat on his head, regaling mesmerized guests with historical trivia imparted with tons of humor and a style that has made him almost famous. The youngest of four equally artistic and enterprising siblings, this Spanish mestizo from a respected family is an interesting blend of two worlds. Dad Mike is a successful and well-loved pediatrician, while Mom Backie hails from the prominent Pamintuan clan of Pampanga, sister of Patis Tesoro and beading entrepreneur Peanut Pamintuan.
"We're all rather diverse, completely involved in different fields. There's no competition within the family, only total support for each other," Carlos says with a hint of pride before he leads a group of 35 guests through the narrow streets of Intramuros. He struts around with an unbranded bag slung over his shoulders to carry his "props" - a
low-tech cassette recorder, an ordinary plastic organizer with pages filled with reproduced pre-and post-World War II pictures, and miniature versions of the Filipino and American flag. And it works! It's all part of the revolutionary tour of Intramuros that Celdran started, and that many are queueing for.