Monday, November 14, 2005


Oh my god. Would you believe the audacity of this woman? She emailed me back with an even bigger shocker.


Everyone is entitled to his opinion, we live in a free country after all! Do you have contact numbers for a tour guide that doesn't inject his into his program?

Thank You,


(The letter is printed as is. I think she meant to add "opinions" after the word "his" in the second sentence.)


You are simply incredible.

First you insult the script I've written as being prejudiced, then call me anti-American, then now come back to ask for the contacts of OTHER TOUR guides?

Hello? Do you see something wrong here?

If you really were not interested in learning ALL THE ISSUES surrounding Philippine history, both the good and the bad, why did you even bother joining the ayala museum class? It seems you already know all you want to know. But since I am a nice guy - not really - I will give you the names of my personal favorites in order of my preference anyway.

But no matter who you call, the facts will never change:
The United States (note I said U.S. - as in the government - and not Americans as in the people) destroyed Intramuros and DID NOT rebuild it. The United States killed almost half a million people in order to take the Philippines over in the early 20th century and the United States was not the saviour of the Philippines because The Philippines never asked to be saved in the first place.

The Tour Guy who does these tours as a vocation and as an extension of his art.
I am NOT a travel agency.