Saturday, November 19, 2005


These guys are definitely going to make somebody a lot of money. With their cool, infectious grooves that are a mix of Brazilian samba, Indian ragas, electronica, and spoken word in French, English, Filipino, and Portuguese, there's definitely something that everyone can bite into. But the real center of it all - aside from the charming novelty of their nine-year old percussionist prodigy - is Nyko Maca herself. She is part poet, part capoeira teacher, and part Philippine showbiz glam. Add onto it the brilliance of her sensible lyrics and some Shirley Bassey moxy, and you've got an art band that's definitely on the verge of a take-off. Definitely one of the most interesting acts I've seen in a while and I'm a totally jaded bastard. Catch them now before the crowds get too big. Text 0917 5342816 for their next gig and make sure to see them and DJ Superstar Caliph8 at the opening night of my new art space, The Living Room on December 10 at 9:00PM.
Nyko Maca consists of Malek Lopez on keyboards and mixer, Rick Sanchez on Classical Guitar, DJ Madz Abubakar on the laptop, Jose and Jaz Dufourt on percussions, and naturally, Nyko Maca.