Monday, June 05, 2006


Yes, I know it isn't halloween yet but I just had to post this picture of Midgie (above) that a photojournalist friend of mine from OarHouse sent over. Precious.

A few months after D' Glo first assumed power back in 2001, a Japanese woman commented to me that our "new president was oh so very very pretty". "Pretty" mind you, not "beautiful". Nevertheless, I still considered "pretty" an interesting observation because GMA isn't really someone that most Filipinos would judge as "pretty" by any standard. I mean, she isn't unpleasant to look at, but compared to others out there, Midgie really wouldn't be singled out by her fellow countrymen for her memorable looks. Perhaps the Japanese lady only said this because the president's mein overtly refers to something more appealing to Japanese sensibilities; something akin the Japanese bonsai to be precise. I say this because the president, like those miniature Japanese plants, are both diminutive in size and manicured to the extreme in order to cultivate the aesthetic we see at the end. Just look at the contrast between these images of GMA pre-presidency (above) and in more recent times (below). The results of a lot of hard work are more than apparent. Because although the picture above may be the perfect image of studied schoolmarm severity, it is also a confirmation that deep within, she truly has the fashion sense of a transvestite member of the Russian Politburo (should there be such a thing). It begs one to wonder how much work has been done to create the image of the woman we see today. I mean, really, voice lessons from Zenaida Amador, fashion styling from Joanne Zapanta, outfits by JC Buendia, haircuts by Fanny Serrano, eyebrow plucking, and upper lip hair waxing can only do so much. Or can it?