Thursday, June 08, 2006


On the occasion of the official inauguration of their new building next to Casino Espanol on TM Kalaw, Instituto Cervantes invites all Spanish speakers, students, and those who love them to participate in the 1st Non-Stop, Around-the-clock Reading of NOLI ME TANGERE in the Philippines. 580 pages, 21 continuous hours of non-stop reading... 250 readers needed. Join the event and read two pages of this immortal novel in its original Spanish version! Sign-up by calling 526-1482 to 85 loc. 115, texting 0906-8173781 or e-mailing with the subject LEE EL NOLI. All volunteers will get a free T-shirt. In addition, there will be a midnight concert, a midnight paella served, and chocolate con churros for breakfast the next morning.

JULY 16 to 17, 2006