Saturday, August 12, 2006


It's no secret that I just love love love the I Love You Store (above) But as of late I've been discovering that the neighborhood - especially the areas within a fifteen minute walking radius from the I Love You - is turning out to be quite lovable as well. Aside from the easy picks of Barrio Fiesta (where the cooks and waiters sing - Makati Ave cor. Valdez Tel.8994020), Gulliver's Steakhouse (Great Eastern's affordable alternative to the Intercon's Prince Albert), P. Burgos street (where we all know is still the best place to find...a taco salad - Filling Station Diner: 5012 P. Burgos St. Tel: 897-2053), and the Museo ng Makati (which I have never entered but looks interesting from the outside), here are a couple of other places I discovered:

The Jetsons and Studio 54 have a joint garage sale. Moderist furniture from many decades stuffed into one basement store (above). Although some stuff you find here might be recognizable from the Evangelista Street flea markets, what sets this place apart is that everything is curated. Almost everything here is something I would have chosen myself actually. It's not as cheap as one would hope but haggling is permitted. Besides, everything is in pretty good condition and you are paying for real period pieces too. Most of the furniture were originally manufactured in the Philippines in the mid-2oth century. I especially love the original cane and hardwood office chairs nicked from the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Check out their website here.

A very cute little cafe (above) located on the second floor of a building right between The I Love You Store and Karma. The ambience is eclectic, the music is jazzy, and the espresso is as strong a three dollar snort of crack. They also serve Italian cheese and cold cuts. As of this posting, wine and alcohol are not served but they said that they are working on their license.

Tel. 8903194/92
7838 Makati Avenue

And all these places stay open till late (8pm for the cafe, midnight or so for I Love You and Karma), so one can feasibly check these places out right after work, right before going to club at Government, or before going to P. Burgos to look for that...taco salad.