Monday, August 14, 2006


A few months back, I received a very interesting text from a British man. He asked me where my tour schedules were listed, which restaurants in Manila I would recommend, and if I knew any place in Manila where he could find an S and M club. Yes, you read right. S and M club. Truth be told, I was stumped. I believed that if there was any one type of club that didn't exist here, it was that. We have gay clubs, lesbian clubs, ballroom dancing clubs, hiphop clubs, karaoke clubs, - but strangely enough - NO S and M clubs. Naturally, I looked upon this as a challenge and texted around only to realize that here was pretty much NO aboveground S and M scene here at all. I felt truly embarassed as a Manileno. This was only proof that Manila was not as well rounded a metropolis as I thought. I mean, any world class megalopolis worth it's weight in salt should have an S and M scene, no matter how small. Something definitely had to be done.
Then, of course, the fates provided.


Domina Jane of San Francisco and Los Angeles
Mistress of fetish/BDSM/Disciplinary Arts.
Guest lecturer at The Living Room for September
Unit 24, North Syquia, 1991 MH del Pilar.
September 1, 2006
9:00pm to 11:00pm

A former dominatrix by profession, Ms. Domina Jane has agreed to pander to all our inadequate souls and hold an introduction/workshop on Fetish/Bondage/BDSM to educate us on the intricacies of this way of life. The night will include but not be limited to: a Fetish Frame slideshow; Shibari - The Art of Rope Bondage - an explanation/demonstration of D/S: Dominance and Submission and S/M: Sadomasochism; plus a lecture on Safety on the Edge: Safety Tips for Kinky Play. Volunteers necessary.

Please bring open minds and an attitude of curiosity and willingness to learn something new. Malicious behaviour disallowed. One wrong move and the mistress will seventy six
(evict) you from the apartment. No questions asked. All sign ups must be above the age of 21 (IDs checked at the door), and a nominal donation of Php450.00 will be collected as a gift for the mistress and to pay for drinks. However, the refreshments will only be provided if you're good. Only 30 slots available. Dress in fetish wear if you wish. I won't. Leather doesn't look good on me.

Email your reservations to: or text: 0926 2597506.