Thursday, May 10, 2007


It's madness I tell you. It seems that Manila's hotels are trying to outdo one another in creating the city's most insanely expensive packages. No sooner had my mind been blown away by the Manila Peninsula's million peso plus Mother's day deal when I learned that The Diamond Hotel on Roxas Boulevard had come up with the most expensive Mother's Day Dinner in the city. Literally unveiled by by their executive chef, Jean Pierre at the press launch of their Wagyu Beef Fest in Le Bellevue restaurant, the dinner was kept behind glass and a security guard until being presented to an audience of over 70 members of print and television media. And for good reason. This "Fantasy Dinner" that you see above costs a whopping Php120,000.00 or the price of a reconditioned airconditioned 1971 vintage Volkswagen Beetle.

It includes an appetizer of Scottish smoked salmon topped with caviar, truffle soup, an entree of Matsuzaka Beef with morels stuffed with truffles, a bottle of Chateau Margaux, a bottle of Taittinger, and the use of the Diamond Presidential suite. And considering that a bottle of Chateau Margaux can go for almost Php30,000.00, some might consider this to be a steal. Call at least three days in advance. Apparently, it isn't easy to prepare.

Call 528-3000 for more details.

Thanks Annalyn for the photo.