Thursday, May 03, 2007


It was so nice they did it twice. Yours truly is once again mentioned in Time Asia Magazine. But don't be fooled by the cover. Just because it says, "The Best of Asia", doesn't mean that I am listed among them. Actually, it's only my quotes (among those of many others) that are featured in the City Guide section in the back. Ironically, nothing in the Philippines is listed in the Best of Asia guide this year. Not that our golf courses and bars are worse than those in Kabul and Singapore mind you. Perhaps it could be that we aren't Asian enough? Really, Time Magazine, are we that invisible? Are we that mediocre? Is everything in the Philippines really worth ignoring over a Chinese Ass sandwich? Moreover, you could have chosen a better picture too (below). Your photo editor could have been a little more creative for sure. An image of street kids and a dirty curb is almost too cliche. Really, the jarring implications of pollution and overpopulation in that shot defeats the purpose of your city guide. You could have saved those issues for another article.

But nevertheless, thank you to the fantastic Miss Lara Day for the lovely feature on Manila though. May others be able to see us the way you do.